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  • Hunting for an Oscar: Christoph Waltz Looks to Win Big

    Lifestyle March 1, 2010 at 2:11 pm Comments are Disabled

    Chris Demarco, Staff Writer Before his turn as Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz was an Austrian actor who had never done an American film. Having never been featured in a film outside of Europe, the worldwide audience that lined up to see Inglorious Basterds was surprised, albeit pleasantly, at the performace of the previously unknown Waltz. Those who didn’t know who Waltz was sure know now, with the steady amount of critical praise he’s received since the film’s release. Waltz was a fairly successful actor in Austria prior to working on Basterds. He began his acting career as a stage actor at venues all over Austria and Germany. Shortly thereafter he jumped into television, where he found more success. He also became a writer and director, working on the film Wenn man sich traut. He has starred in over 90 projects, mostly in television. Waltz is considered a method actor, meaning he essentially becomes the character he is portraying. This was the type of actor Tarantino was in search of when trying to cast the role of Hans Landa. The part was originally offered to Leonardo DiCaprio, but Tarantino decided to go after an older, lesser-known […]

  • Hidden Talents of Oscar Night

    Lifestyle March 1, 2010 at 2:03 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ross Banaime, Staff Writer Ever watched the Oscars and thought, “How could this film be nominated? I’ve never even heard of it”? Every year, categories are filled with nominees most moviegoers have never heard of. To help get acquainted with these films for the big night, enjoy a description of some of these films, as well as information about where you can find some of them. One of the strongest categories this year is the Best Short Film (Animated) category. Each of these films can be found online and are playing at local theaters. The most familiar entry is Wallace and Gromit in ‘A Matter of Loaf and Death’ in which the duo start their own bakery while dealing with a murderer who is killing bakers. Also nominated is Logorama, which takes place in a world of nothing but corporate logos and where Ronald McDonald goes on a gun-crazy rampage. Granny O’ Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty features a grandmother telling her granddaughter the famous fairy tale, yet getting sidetracked with her own commentary. French Roast is about a stingy businessman who forgets his wallet at a coffee shop and tries to stall the check. Finally, The Lady and the Reaper is […]

  • Walking the Red Carpet Walk: A-List Newcomers and Veterans Bring the Latest Fashions to the Oscars

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    Deena Smith, Staff Writer Every year at the Academy Awards, E! hosts a red carpet special to watch the stars arrive in their sometimes elegant couture designer dresses and sleek expensive tuxedos and suits. Certain celebrities always have a particular style, whether it is more sophisticated or sexy, but someone always brings something new. The red carpet fashions from previous awards shows have been quite disappointing in the shock factor category — except for Lady Gaga and her well-known extravagancies. But the Oscars are when the gloves come off and the best designs come out. Aside from the Oscar winners, the fashions are the most talked about part of the evening. “Who are you wearing?” is always the first question asked on the carpet for guys and gals alike, but the women’s dresses always receive the most critiques. So, starting with the females, in a surprising new trend for the season, fashionistas are rocking bridal couture down the carpet, instead of down the aisle. Most of them alter the color of the gown, like Glee star Lea Michele who looked sensational at the Golden Globes in a black Oscar de la Renta bridal gown and, again, in a shorter bridal […]

  • Going for the Gold

    Lifestyle March 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ross Bonaime, Staff Writer Best Director Who Should and Will Win: This year, it’s the battle of the exes as Kathryn Bigelow and James Cameron face off. But the advantage goes to Bigelow for The Hurt Locker. Her gritty take of the conflict in the Middle East dripping with realism and some of the most memorable shots of the year will hopefully make Bigelow the first female ever to take home the award. Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Who Will Win: Thirty-eight years after his first nomination, Jeff Bridges is a shoo-in for the best actor Oscar with his fifth nomination for his alcoholic country singer Bad Blake in Crazy Heart. After four decades, Bridges should finally get his overdue Oscar. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role Who Should and Will Win: Mo’Nique for Precious is going home with this award, no question. Her fellow nominees are all well-deserved (except for you, Ms. Gyllenhaal), and Mo’Nique’s performance is without a doubt one of the best. Best Picture of the Year Who Will Win: This year is truly a battle between Avatar and The Hurt Locker. While Avatar was a remarkable success, most critics […]

  • Muse and Silversun Pickups to Visit Mason

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:13 pm Comments are Disabled

    Patrick Wall, Style Editor Expect a hard-rocking crowd and two harder rocking bands when Muse and Silversun Pickups take the stage at the Patriot Center on Monday. Hailing from across the pond in England, Muse is enjoying some of the greatest success of its career. The Resistance, the trio’s latest release, held the number one spot on Billboard’s Rock Albums chart. The single “Uprising,” a remix of the band’s song “I Belong to You,” was featured on the platinum-selling Twilight Saga: New Moon soundtrack. The band entered the spotlight in the U.S. with their 2003 release Absolution. Fueled by singles like “Hysteria” and “Time is Running Out,” the band earned a solid fanbase outside of their native country. Opening for Muse is California’s Silversun Pickups, a band whose young career is taking off. On the heels of Swoon, the band’s sophomore release, they were nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy this past year. The band’s lead single “Panic Switch” reached the top of the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. This show marks only the beginning of a North American tour that will take the bands across the United States and Canada through April. Tickets have sold out through the Patriot […]

  • The Patriots Go Marching: Mason’s First Annual Parade a Success

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:12 pm Comments are Disabled

    Marine Jaouen, Broadside Correspondent The chilly conditions and quickly dissipating sunlight did not deter the dedicated Patriot fans who came out to watch the 1st annual George Mason University Homecoming Parade. The parade led followers to the 12th annual Homecoming Pregame Block Party, building excitement for the anticipated men’s Basketball Homecoming game. Beginning at the Rappahannock Parking Deck, the parade followed Patriot Circle around to the Patriot Center. Led by President Merten, the parade included student organizations, but also contributed an eclectic mix of student organizations and other oddities. Resembling a walking forest, the George Mason Rowing Team held up oars rising high above their heads. The RT 66 PT Cruisers Club showed off their flashy vehicles, adorned with beads, balloons, Mardi Gras masks and logos, and a stuffed tiger also decorated with party beads. The Spunkmeyer cookie mobile was escorted by a vivacious Cookie Monster and three women dressed as a cookie, a spoon and a glass of milk. Several fraternities and sororities also paraded and Mason’s own Patriot escorted the Mason cheerleaders. Finally, the Jazz Ensemble brought up the rear, performing Mason’s fight song and “When the Saints Go Marching In.” The block party allowed friends and Patriot […]

  • Blinded by the Lights

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:09 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ross Bonaime, Staff Writer Charlie Chaplin was easily one of the most influential filmmakers in film’s infancy. He became one of the first successful combinations of writer, director and actor, and still remains one of the most recognizable stars of all time, with his brand of heartfelt and hilarious silent comedy. And then sound arrived in films. To counteract this rising trend, Chaplin released quite possibly his greatest silent film, City Lights. Chaplin played his classic character, the tramp, who falls in love with a blind flower girl who mistakes him for a rich man. In order to help the girl receive an operation that could restore her sight, he does anything and takes any job he can find to raise the money for it. City Lights is beautiful in its simplicity, yet Chaplin, always the perfectionist, makes it a wonder in multiple viewings. Chaplin shot the film over three years, the longest of any of his films, because of his attempts to make everything perfect. A scene in which the tramp buys a flower from the blind girl was shot 342 times for Chaplin to get it just right. This dedication to perfection shows why City Lights is one […]

  • Cinema’s Dynamic Duos

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:07 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ross Bonaime, Staff Writer This weekend, Martin Scorsese released his highly anticipated Shutter Island, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, who has collaborated with Scorsese on four of his last five movies. When a great director finds an actor they want to use over and over again, it usually makes for movie magic. With that, here are the top 10 actor/director pairings, along with their best works. 10. Kevin Smith & Ben Affleck – Chasing Amy Smith loves using Affleck in his movies so much, he has said that he would even cast him as the shark in Jaws. Smith and Affleck have done much of their best work together such as Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but with Chasing Amy, Smith got Affleck to a comedic, yet dramatic peak that he has not topped since. 9. Steven Soderbergh & George Clooney – Ocean’s Eleven Everyone knows that Clooney is cool, but never quite as cool as he is in Soderbergh’s films. Clooney shined when he played the Frank Sinatra character in the remake of Ocean’s Eleven, propelling himself into movie superstardom with the help of Soderbergh. 8. Quentin Tarantino & Uma Thurman – Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2 […]

  • Comedians Get Edgy at Mason’s Komedy Jam

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:04 pm Comments are Disabled

    Ramy Zabarah, Staff Writer The Johnson Center Cinema filled up on Thursday night as students rushed to find seats and prepare for a night of laughter. Although full of audacity and risk, the show was definitely not a disappointment. What started out as a cloud of noise as students socialized waiting for the show to begin, quickly turned to applause followed by silence while the first comedian, Arvin Mitchell, was introduced. Mitchell was an instant hit, drawing laughter from almost everyone in the room. Originally expressing some reluctance as to whether he should curse or not, he was told he could speak freely, and the expletives came out like water from a hose that had been bent into a kink and then released. Nobody was safe from Mitchell’s sometimes offensive digs. About 10 minutes into his set, a late arrival opened the door, accompanied by a friend pushing her wheelchair. Mitchell immediately called her out, saying he thought she was a midget until he realized she was in a wheelchair. “I really thought she was a midget — I was about to bust out with some height jokes,” Mitchell said after the show. “It’s comedy. If you don’t want to […]

  • SafetySuit Rocks Dewberry: Up-and-Coming Act Visits Mason for Homecoming Week

    Lifestyle February 22, 2010 at 2:00 pm Comments are Disabled

    Patrick Wall, Style Editor As the clock struck 8 p.m., students walked nervously into Dewberry Hall, illuminated only by the neon green and purple lights. As students shuffled in, they looked around for friends, hoping to find a familiar face in the growing crowd. Before long, a sizable crowd formed around the stage constructed at the far end of the hall. After a brief introduction from Program Board, George Mason University’s activities committee, the band of the evening took the stage. Hailing from Nashville, Tenn., SafetySuit is a band clearly on the rise. Most of the crowd were clearly fans of the band, shouting out requests and yelling when lead singer Douglas Brown addressed the crowd. And the band was happy to oblige the attention. Brown dedicated a song to what he dubbed “soon to be lovers” in the audience, and asked fans for requests. SafetySuit’s sound might be best described as emotional and powerful, as they sing songs about heartbreak and love. The crowd connected with the band’s message, and grew more enthusiastic with each passing song. Bassist Jeremy Henshaw’s resounding bass and drummer Tate Cunningham’s pounding drums were in stark yet fitting contrast to guitarist Dave Garofalo’s atmospheric […]