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  • In Bed with Billy: What Can Anal Sex Do for You?

    Lifestyle October 27, 2009 at 2:54 pm Comments are Disabled

    Billy Curtis, Sex Columnist For scores, centuries and even millennia, women have been letting themselves be engaged in an act that is not only unnatural to their body, but painful when improperly experienced. I’ve always wondered why girls let their boyfriends, or just guys in general, do this to them. I know, you may be thinking, This kid is gay. He has to love anal sex, doesn’t he? Yes, I do enjoy anal sex and yes, I am obviously a gay man; therefore, I have the necessary functional tools, as well as the desire, to enjoy such things like anal intercourse. Girls do not have a prostate gland and thus, I don’t think getting anything shoved up their bum would give them any sort of pleasure. This begs the question, what can brown really do for them? I can imagine that some girls are more afraid of anal sex than they are of bugs and spiders. While smoking a cigarette outside with some co-workers the other day, one decided to blurt out that her boyfriend had been trying to get her to try anal sex, which further led to the question of why men are so fascinated with having anal […]

  • Mason Madness: Fans Pack Patriot Center to Receive Preview of This Year’s Basketball Season

    Sports October 20, 2009 at 3:19 pm Comments are Disabled

    John Powell, Asst. Sports Editor Doc Nix led the Green Machine, President Alan Merten shot a t-shirt out of a launcher, head coaches Jim Larranaga and Jeri Porter started a chant of “George Mason,” and the fans erupted the whole night. The Patriots’ basketball is back. “I’m really pleased with the energy from the crowd, the players put on a good show. The Green Machine has been working so hard and everything came together for us,” said Doc Nix of the great crowd reaction, a direct result, he believes, of his Green Machine. Urbanknowlogy 101 had an incredible performance, combining their incredible dance style with songs like “You’re a Jerk,” “Heartless,” and “Break-up.” Porter, the women’s head coach, was introduced, giving a special call-out to the Green Machine, calling it “the best [pep band] in the country.” The Green Machine performed to get the crowd pumped up for the coaches. “As a band, I think we really get the crowd pumped,” said Green Machine member Kevin Thompson, a freshman music major. The arena dimmed, and then, coming from green smoke, Larranaga appeared, jogging to the center of the stage to the familiar chant “Larr-a-naga.” “Over the years, there has been […]

  • Liberty and Justice for All

    Lifestyle October 20, 2009 at 2:50 pm Comments are Disabled

    Katie Miller, Staff Writer On Sunday, Oct. 11, fabulous people from across the nation came together to march on Washington for the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning community. Kicking off the march with an actual rainbow (mind you, there was not a drop of rain in the sky), the event proved to be magical. With waving banners and elaborate chants, 200,000 LGBTQ rights supporters marched from McPherson Square to the Capitol, a three-mile trek. The organizing body known as Equality Across America asserts on their web site that the National Equality March was an effort to fight for “Equal Protection for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. Now.” The movement’s urgency was palpable. During the rally on the steps of the Capitol following the march, all speakers, ranging from Lady Gaga to Academy Award-winning screen writer for Milk, Dustin Lance Black, to slam poet and LGBTQ activist Staceyann Chin, called for people to take action to make the march more than just an afternoon of waving rainbow flags. While Lady Gaga’s booming cry for Obama to listen was surely one of the events highlights, the […]

  • In Bed with Billy: Getting Through the Dry Spell

    Lifestyle October 20, 2009 at 2:48 pm Comments are Disabled

    Billy Curtis, Sex Columnist When you’re as dumb as I am, sometimes bad things happen. Like losing your USB card with everything you’ve ever written on it, or making a vow to yourself to give your born-again virginity to someone you care about in a world where promiscuity runs rampant, and marriage is the non-socially accepted option—because you’re gay. I’m just kidding. Regardless though, finding something to occupy yourself in the meantime can be a bit easier than finding someone. For obvious reasons, my sex life has been drier than the Sahara desert, so alternate options needed to be utilized. What other options are there when you can’t have sex, do you ask? Well I mean, there are many other options to sex, like oral sex, and foreplay (a dying art) and, clearly, masturbation. Unfortunately the only one I have really been able to do is masturbation, as finding someone legit to date has deemed itself a harder task than finding the missing magic piece of this golden amulet, or the Holy Grail. No matter how many people say they don’t do it, I’m quite sure they do. It’s almost as if it were an innate behavior that becomes familiar […]

  • Laziness: Just Another Word for Nothing Better to Do: How The Many Uses For Others Can Come in Handy

    Editorials October 1, 2009 at 3:06 pm Comments are Disabled

    Brandon Minster, Staff Writer My wife has no discernible mob ties, but I married her anyway. One characteristic she shares with New Jersey’s finest waste management executives though, is her ability to get other people to do her dirty work. Every mob boss knows not to whack anyone himself (are the kids still saying that these days?); that’s why you have deadbeat nephews. Anytime a rival gets rubbed out, you can be miles away with an airtight alibi. This is my wife’s guiding principle whenever she needs to make a phone call, especially to someone she’s never met. She just talks about how badly it’s needed and about the consequences of not doing it, until I make the call for her. While I’m on the phone, she’s often somewhere else, working on her airtight alibi. I wonder why she needs to maintain plausible deniability about these calls. The next time she asks me to call someone named Tony the Plumber and say, “The cannoli is in the pot,” maybe I should decline. Not having to do the things you have to do looked like fun to me, and I wanted in on the act, so we had kids. It’s extra […]

  • Letter to the Editor

    Editorials October 1, 2009 at 3:05 pm Comments are Disabled

    Stephanie Tran, Global Affairs It’s often been said by administrators and student tour guides that George Mason University is so diverse, and that Mason has so many international students. There’s no doubt that this is true, but it’s also true that around campus, many international students, especially Asian ones, bunch up in groups, a little apart from other Mason students. Sure, Mason may be diverse, but are we all bridging gaps between other groups? Let’s rewind a bit. I’m talking from a strange, some would say “unique” position of being raised both as an American and an Asian (Vietnamese). Though in many ways I’m Americanized (e.g. Christmas and birthdays) and speak English, not Vietnamese, I also know more about Vietnamese culture (e.g. proper bows to elders) than some of my grandparents’ generation. This brings me to my topic: That invisible, but strong divide, between many of the Asians on this campus and other Mason students; one that I can see from both sides. This cultural line is what causes Asian students to talk to me first, or ask for my help. They look towards familiar-looking people who they think can help them regardless of whether I know them because they’re […]

  • Global Warming: The Falsehood Coming to a Campus Near You: The Lies and Deceptions You May Have Been Told

    Editorials October 1, 2009 at 3:02 pm 5 comments

    Alan Moore, Broadside Contributor I have been a graduate student at George Mason University for only a few short weeks but I have already heard more about the “indisputable fact” that global warming is caused by man more times than I ever heard as an undergraduate, and I’m not even studying the natural sciences. It does not take someone majoring in the natural sciences to understand faulty research and it is irresponsible to ignore the growing objection to the reasoning behind theories on man-caused climate change. This global warming hysteria has infiltrated our campus and it is time to expose it for what it truly is: laughable, at best. The first issue that is always lobbied hard for by global warming proponents is the notion of the sea levels rising to unsustainable levels because the polar ice caps will melt. First, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes states that the rising sea levels may in fact be cyclical and there is no evidence that man contributes to these rising sea levels. Second, the melting of glaciers is countered by the formation of glaciers in other parts of the world, although you never read about it in the news. […]

  • Spoken Word Artist Shows No Fear: Georgia Me Makes Appearance at Fall for the Book Festival

    Lifestyle October 1, 2009 at 2:53 pm Comments are Disabled

    Pearson Jones, Asst. Style Editor This isn’t your typical hipster coffee shop haiku poetry reading, where performers speak barely over a monotone whisper and their less than conclusive endings are met with the sound of snapping. Slam poetry, also called the art of spoken word, is poetry in action and trust me, it can get really loud. These poems represent the performers’ joys, hardships and daily aspects of social life that they could do with out. On Thursday, professional spoken word artist and member of the Peabody award-winning and Emmy-nominated cast of Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry, Georgia Me (also known as Tamika Harper) emceed the second annual Fall for the Book poetry slam that was held in the downstairs Johnston Center Bistro. Profanity was prevalent at the event and holding back wasn’t an option as the artists of spoken word gave students a sometimes less than comfortable insight into their lives. The real testimonies given during the performance were unique in their delivery, but had relatable themes. Dennis Hicks, associate director of Student Activities, which organized the event, was pleased with how it went. “I like watching students evolve their work and see the compositions they put together,” said […]

  • Off-Campus Eats: Increase in Dining Choices

    Lifestyle October 1, 2009 at 2:43 pm Comments are Disabled

    Evan Benton, Staff Writer My friends and I used to joke around when heading off, four or five guys to a car, on our weekly exodus to Chipotle. We’d all get burritos and then, when asked how we were planning to pay, flash our green and gold student IDs and confidently state, “Freedom, please.” In which case the cashier would look at us quizzically and we’d front some Jacksons. Or, in my case, nine or 10 Washingtons. Great joke. But now things are different; sort of. Now we can use Mason Money, George Mason University’s debit card system, at Chipotle as well as many other places — and not just restaurants, either. To put the concept of Mason Money in a nutshell, one simply goes to the Mason Money office (or any of the five Card Management stations on campus) deposits any sum, and this money goes on the student’s account, immediately accessed by swiping those handy ID cards. Now, if one wanted, they can take their cards and get a carnitas burrito. And although I don’t know many people with a Mason Money account, the fact that Mason is making an off-campus meal as easy as one, two, swipe […]

  • Kid Cudi Reaches for the Moon: Rapper Bursts on the Scene with Second Debut Album of Hip-Hop’s 2009 Freshman Class

    Lifestyle October 1, 2009 at 2:35 pm Comments are Disabled

    Luis Perez, Broadside Correspondent Last December, hip-hop magazine XXL wrote a feature piece on 10 relatively unknown MC’s, deeming them hip-hop’s “freshman class of ‘09.” Among that list of up-and-coming future stars was Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi’s major-label debut, Man on the Moon: The End of Day, is the second release from the ’09 freshman class, following Asher Roth’s mildly received Asleep in the Bread Aisle last April, and the similarities between the two end at their mutual affinity for celebrating April 20. Cudi makes it clear on more than one occasion that he doesn’t have much in common with anyone at all, which in a twist of irony is Cudi’s major selling point. If you had the chance to catch Kanye West’s Glow in the Dark tour, Man on the Moon’s format will seem suspiciously similar. Divided into five acts, the concept album follows Cudi’s consciousness through the night, beginning with the end and ending with a new beginning. Narrated by fellow G.O.O.D. artist Common. Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreak presence is felt even further on tracks like “Sky Might Fall” and “My World,” where Cudi raps from a the shell of a boy banking on being top-dog sometime further […]