Heather Gioia, Broadside Correspondent

When you think Halloween, you think horror. Along with his hit remakes, Rob Zombie has put a new spin on the horror sounds of the holiday.

The remake of Halloween II hit in theaters in late August, accompanied by the soundtrack, which features a compilation of unique sounds and movie clips. Pop in the 25-track album and be prepared for a complete listening expierence.

The album opens with a clip from the movie entitled “He’s F***ing Dead,” a short clip that sets the Halloween mood. After all, we all thought Mike Myers was dead.

The first song on the album is “Nights in White Satin” by The Moody Blues, a calm and relaxing track.

With a slow beat and a groovy tempo the hook, “because I love you, yes I love you,” is destined be on your lips by the end of the track, creating a mesmerizing sound.

After another movie clip, an upbeat ’80s track blasts from the boom box. Who remembers the 10cc’s “The Things We Do For Love?” The song is yet another mesmerizing track that, after the first few beats, has you swaying and singing along.

Track six, “Amerarockers” by Scream, opens with a fun funk beat that resembles the free sounds of Sublime.

Movie clips such as “Ass Good” are comical fun, while others are moments from the movie. These clips are a great compliment to tracks by well known artists such as Rod Stewart and Motorhead.

After the cast announces they want to party, get ready for an old fashion country rush.

Captain Clegg and The Night Creatures put the country into Halloween in two tracks, “Transylvania Terror Train” and “Honky Tonk Halloween.”

The latter song is a good ol’ honky tonk time. With a classic honky tonk rhythm, fun and up lifting beats, get ready for piano solos you may thought were lost as well as rocking guitars capturing the true twang of country.

Since the country may have taken over your system or overwhelmed you ears, Foghat brings out groovy sounds exclaiming how they “just want to make love to you.”

The bluntness of the lyrics and the popping bass, wailing guitars and unusual drums combined to create a comical track.

The Halloween II soundtrack is, simply put, a great time. From the fun sounds of the ‘80s to country and rock, not to mention movie clip after movie clip, Halloween II captures the ears and sends them on an eventful genre-spanning journey.

Whether your genre is country, rock, hip hop or funk, the soundtrack is a pleasant mix of genres straight from the film that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Get ready to rock. Halloween II is a strange compilation of tracks that are captivating, fun and relaxing.