Love it or hate it, Michatalie is here to stay: Broadside’s defense of the controversial column

Editorials September 20, 2010 at 5:58 pm Comments are Disabled

Thank you, diligent readers, for the recent influx of letters to Broadside regarding the vulgar and apparently hard-to-love columnist duo, Michatalie. There hasn’t been this much buzz surrounding Broadside since Alan Moore began penning columns for us. So far, the pair has made us laugh, cringe and drop our jaws as they let freshmen know the major do’s and don’ts of college and told readers how to achieve the perfect ChipOrgasm — much to the chagrin of many of you readers. Here’s what we think our readers are missing about Michatalie’s column: they are not being serious. Yes, they are vulgar, use foul language and aim to shock, but they do it all for laughs. So when they say you should attend every fraternity party in one night or not purchase $5 veggie cups, they want you to laugh with them and have enough sense to know you shouldn’t actually aim to be the latest girl in a guy’s beer-stained bed. In a letter to the editor this week, John Morgan questions Broadside’s standards since we choose to print this column. Yes, we do have standards, ones that we try to uphold vehemently every week. We swear by our style […]