Chris DeMarco, Staff Writer

For someone who already despises the Washington Redskins, like myself, they will have another reason to dislike the Redskins and owner Daniel Snyder.

Everyone in the sports world knows that Snyder was a horrible owner, but now we find out he has no heart.

Over the last two years, the economy has gone from bad to worse, and we all have felt the repercussions in big ways.

Apparently, there are some Redskins season tickets holders, who pay a ridiculous sum of money in the first place, and now they find out because of the bad economy, they can no longer pay for the season tickets.

They try to back out of their lengthy contracts with the team and end up getting sued. In most cases, these fans are being court ordered to pay more than two times the amount they were paying in the first place.

In The Washington Post’s two-part story, we see certain circumstances in which the financial burden cripples them.

A grandmother, who backed out of the agreement due to financial reasons, was ordered by the court to pay close to $66,000 and is close to bankruptcy.

It is completely despicable. Why are the Redskins not more understanding? They claim to have a waiting list over 150,000 names long.

If this is the case, why not let those who want out of their contracts out and let those who are waiting get the tickets? Where is the logic in suing your fan base? How soulless and heartless can one person be? The Redskins are not even competitive.

They have not been relevant this decade, except a playoff appearance or two, but that is beside the point. Even the New York Yankees are at least lowering their once-ridiculous ticket prices so their fans can see the first-place Yankees.

What is the difference between the Yankees and the Redskins? The Yankees are constantly competitive and are always in the hunt for the World Series while the Redskins cannot even make the playoffs.

Even if the Redskins were decent, there is no reasonable explanation on why they should be doing this. According to Forbes, the Redskins are the second most profitable organization behind the Cowboys, and we now know why.

They want you to pay for the season tickets and then pay twice that amount once you decide you want out. It is a perfect way to make more money since Snyder has run every other business into bankruptcy.

Snyder has solidified himself as more than a bad owner, he is just plain evil. He makes George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones and Al Davis look like cream puffs after this incident.

If I were a Redskins player, I would be embarrassed to wear the burgundy and gold. There is no decency in the Redskins’ front office, and it is pathetic.

While listening to 106.7 The Fan radio station, I have heard callers actually defending the Redskins.

Even former Redskin LaVar Arrington was blown away by the Redskins’ actions and some of the callers responses.

Maybe I am just a compassionate person since I feel for these people since they are just like you and me.

The actions taken by Snyder and the Redskins are disgusting and vile. It is stuff like this that makes me even more proud to call myself an Eagles fan.