Lauren Cafferky, Broadside Correspondent

In the mad rush to collect everything necessary to survive for the next nine months: tee shirts, sweatpants, ramen noodles, all five seasons of The Office, and your parent’s credit card number, it’s easy to overlook the four colorless walls that stare down at you, cold and barren, until May. No need to panic—George Mason University’s annual poster sale has you covered.

Beyond the Wall, a poster company that visits campuses across the country, is responsible for organizing the event. But Beyond the Wall does more than cross the nation, bringing posters to poor college students. They also run six retail stores located in popular cities such as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Beyond the Wall also runs a website allowing users to browse and order hundreds of posters, journals, bookmarks, signs and more.

The sale also boasts a wide selection of artwork from the classic to the modern, movies to music and Albert Einstein to hugging giraffes.

Why not make your walls reflect your excellent sense of musical taste? The sale has options ranging from the Beatles to the Jonas Brothers.

“There are so many posters, I couldn’t even see them all,” said sophomore sports management major Kurt Bugden, who rifled through table after table filled with books of posters with his older brother, senior history major, Drew Bugden.

The sale also comes with a reasonable price tag, displaying few items costing more than $10, perfect on a college budget.  Students willing to spend a little more, however, can have their posters framed before leaving.

Before going crazy due to a lack of wall décor, stop by the poster sale to give your room some personality.

With a wide selection and good prices, you would be hard-pressed not to find something that fits your style.

“This poster sale is legit,” Drew Budgen claimed, “It’s the real deal.”

The sale runs from Sept. 8 through 12 at the Johnson Center’s East Plaza, and from Sept. 14 through 17 at Patriot’s Corner in the JC. The store is open from 10:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. each day.