Sebastian Flores, Broadside Correspondent

Kanye West is definitely looking back and saying . . . oops, my bad.

The Video Music Awards are an awards show on MTV dedicated to recognizing the best music videos of the year.  The awards span from specifics like Best Rock, Pop and R&B video, to the more general, Best Video of the Year.  The VMAs are known to spark controversy and unforgettable moments like when Britney Spears and Madonna locked lips on stage in 2003. This year’s VMAs were no exception.  The adorable country star, Taylor Swift received the first of the evening for Best Female Video of the Year, a great honor for the young star beating out favorite nominees like Kelly Clarkson, Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce—but someone wasn’t very happy about that.

During Swift’s acceptance speech for her first “Moon Man,” a bitter West rushed to the stage, stole the microphone from Swift’s little hands and arrogantly said, “Congratulations, Taylor, I’ll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!”  Heartbroken, Swift was escorted off stage leaving everyone stunned, trying to replay in their minds what had just happened.

West, the perfectionist at award show controversy, topped everything he had ever said in previous shows with this mishap.  When West took the stage, I knew something exciting was about to happen.  When I first heard what Kanye West said, I couldn’t believe it.  I had heard the words come out of his mouth, but I couldn’t comprehend them.  “. . . But Beyonce had the best video of all time?” Was that really what he said?  I thought to myself, you can’t do this on TV.  But Kanye West knows what Kanye West knows best, and he spoke his mind once again, this time I don’t agree with him.  His remark not only cut Taylor’s passionate acceptance speech short, he completely humiliated her on national television.  Swift looked so fragile, so vulnerable and her joy of receiving her first “Moon Man” award was so genuine and sincere that when West took that from her, I could feel the pain that she was going through. The look on Swift’s face broke the hearts of all viewers.

How could an artist of West’s magnitude lose his cool like that?  With only ten short seconds on stage he was able to turn his image from respected hip-hop artist to arrogant ass.  Thankfully, he was booed off stage by everyone present in the theater, and I’m sure many television sets at home were booed as well.

The question now is, will he remain in the limelight as he was before this incident, or will this comment affect his upcoming career.  He frankly told the media that after his Swift stunt he was going to take some time off.  I think that would be the best decision right now.  These things happen, and will surely blow over with time, but  I mean if the president of the United States is calling you a jackass, you know you did something wrong.