John Powell, Asst. Sports Editor

The George Mason University Patriots soared past the William & Mary Tribe 3-0 Friday night, led by junior midfielder Omolyn Davis’ hat trick.

The Patriots picked up the win in overtime, winning for the first time in Williamsburg since 2000.

The Patriots (12-4-2, 4-3-2) are in fifth place in the Colonial Athletic Association, now ahead of the Tribe (10-7, 4-5) in the season’s overall standings and in conference play.

A Tribe member, junior defender Kaitlin O’Conner nailed a goal off freshman goalkeeper Katie Frey’s hands at the 50-minure mark for the first Tribe goal of the game.

The Patriots, never down during the entire game, allowed a goal with 54 seconds left in the game, sending the contest into overtime.

Freshman forward Tiana Kallenberger was credited with assists on the first two goals.

“Tiana continues to play much older than a freshman. Our seniors continue to lead this group. I am very proud of their character,” said Head Coach Diane Drake of Kallenberger’s success in feeding the ball throughout the game, as stated by

Kallenberger was also given a yellow card in the 86th minute by referee Andrew Chapin.

Senior forward Theresa DeLucca was also credited with an assist on the first foal of the game.

Oddly, there was only one offside call for each team throughout the entire game, showing the special attention paid by the forwards on each team.

The focus of the game was on Davis, who earned her eighth, ninth, and 10th goals of the season, with the final goal of her hat trick coming five-and-a-half minutes into overtime.

The Tribe took 20 shots on Frey. She was able to stop five shots, allowing only two goals all game.
The Patriots only took 10 shots, but were able to make the most of them, scoring three times during the night game.

The Patriots, playing in front of 215 fans of the game, scored in each half, as well as overtime, of course.
After the game, the team matched their highest win total since the 2000 season with 12 wins.

One more win would give the Patriots their highest win total since their 14-win 2007 season.

The Patriots played their last road game at Old Dominion University Sunday afternoon.

Mason looks to wrap up their regular season with a win over the Towson Tigers at 4 p.m. this Saturday.