Emily Sharrer, Editor-in-Chief

Doing his best impressions of Freddie Mercury and Chuck Berry, The All American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter and his on-stage antics were surely the most noteworthy part of last Monday’s concert at the Patriot Center. Outfitted in only tight white pants and glitter, the teen-heartthrob went on a seemingly drug-induced rampage throughout the band’s set, jumping around the stage, doing the duck walk and breaking up the band’s set of hits with long monologues that contained more cuss words than a George Carlin stand-up routine. Somehow, the band still managed to get through all their hits — but not without Ritter going to sit in the stands to sing “Mona Lisa” halfway through the set, where masses of teen fans descended on the singer, in what seemed like a poor attempt for Ritter to prove he was still as famous as his overplayed radio hits once were.

Anberlin, who opened the entire show, was perfection. Lead singer Stephen Christian’s vocals sounded exactly as they were recorded on the band’s albums. On stage, the entire band was dynamic, really getting into their set and psyching the crowd up for the two headlining bands.
Co-headliners Taking Back Sunday gave a 100-minute set that seemed far too short to encompass the band’s many hits, but they played a good mix of songs off of all four of their albums. While the setlist was on-point, the same can’t be said for frontman Adam Lazzara who awkwardly ambled around the stage doing microphone-swinging tricks. Guitarists Matt Fazzi, Eddie Reyes and bassist Matt Rubano made up for the singer’s less-than-impressive stage presence however, head banging their way into the audience’s hearts and commanding the stage from the speakers lined up directly in front of the pit.

Overall the concert, put on by Program Board, was worth the mere $10 ticket price and gave Mason students a good way to spend an otherwise standard Monday night.