This list contains the top 10 affordable ($30 or less) date ideas accessible by George Mason University transportation, which were received by Sexual Assault Services during Healthy Relationships Week.

1. For lunch, walk to University Mall to Otani Japanese Steak House and get the hibachi ($7 each, or less if you use a 10 percent off coupon found in the Mason coupon pamphlet book).
Next, see a movie at the University Mall theaters ($2 each on Tuesdays). Then take the Mason shuttle to the Vienna Metro and go to Ibiza nightclub for a night of dancing (free if you go before 11 p.m.).
[Bri Green]

2. Take the Mason shuttle to the Vienna metro and ride it down to U-Street to eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl (cheap food, historical location) and enjoy a walk downtown. The U-Street district is beautiful and full of D.C. culture.
[Melissa Edwards]

3. Here’s a great idea for a ‘home date’: get some arts and crafts supplies from a craftstore (like Michael’s), a pizza and make fun crafts for each other in the comfort of your own home.
[Nicholas Brightwell]

4. Go to Fat Tuesday’s at University Mall across the street. Two shrimp po’ boys cost $22, and then see a movie at the theater for $2-3 each.
[Isi Amenkhienan]
5. Take the Gunston-Go-Bus to Fair Oaks Mall and see who can buy the most items for $30.
[Priscilla Switzer]

6. For a spring date to D.C. when the cherry blossoms are in bloom: Pack a lunch with a blanket, take the Mason shuttle to the metro, metro to the Mall in D.C., have a picnic and enjoy the cherry blossoms.
[Giovanna Maya]

7. Take a bike ride from Rosslyn to Georgetown. Have ice cream and hang out at the water taxi dock and water fountain. Watch the sunset together before heading home.
[Ngoc Tran]

8. For those who just want to dance: go to a free salsa club session with a date, and rent a movie afterwards with some cheap champagne. [Jaclynn Foster-Wittig]

9. Take the Gunston-Go-Bus to Fair City Mall, walk to Trader Joe’s across the street, buy some yummy organic food and some flowers and make dinner for your date.
[Alison Jones]

10. Take the Gunston-Go-Bus to Fair Oaks mall, go to the Apple store, play loud music and try to create a musical right there in the store.
[Randall Parrish]