The names Alice Eve and Krysten Ritter may not be universally recognizable, but given Krysten’s past work in popular romantic comedies like 27 Dresses and Confessions of a Shopaholic and Alice’s upcoming role in Sex and the City 2, you can expect that to change very quickly.

Both are put in the spotlight in She’s Out of My League, which opened on March 12. Broadside recently spoke with the two ladies about their movie.

Have either of you ever dated someone you’d consider out of your league or a guy that others would consider too good for you?

Krysten: I’ve dated people who others have thought that maybe I was out of his league, but I didn’t think so and now I’m currently dating somebody who is out of my league. [Alice and her boyfriend] are on equal footing. They’re both really hot.

Alice: I think he’s out of my league. He’s cleverer than me.

For this movie, you were working with a first-time director and Jay Baruchel, who is usually relegated to supporting roles. Was there any hesitance going in knowing this or did you have faith in the material?

Krysten: It can go either way for first-time directors. I feel like with first-time directors, sometimes they’re not confident and they’re worried about cast mutiny and they overcompensate. Doing a big studio film with a first-time director doesn’t matter as much as an indie film or TV because there are so many other voices.

We were all in similar places in our careers and I think in the cast, you sort of recognize people, you’ve sort of seen them before, but it was pretty much like everybody was on equal footing which was cool.

How awkward was that scene where you and Jay had to strip down? I imagine that would be pretty intimidating for him.

Alice: You both have a job to make each other feel comfortable. His job is to not make me feel insecure and my job is to not make him feel insecure and I think we both did our best in that. You know, it is nerve-wracking to drop your dress in that kind of situation and I think we worked hard to make each other feel comfortable. He’s a good actor.

What advice would you give all of the “fives” of the world if they want to find their “10”?

Krysten: Be confident and funny. Show girls a good time.

Alice: Fix things when they break.