By Brian T. Chan, Sports Editor

During warmups, the Washington Generals head coach had a message to the fans, the Harlem Globetrotters and the George Mason University basketball team. In a Michael Clarke Duncanesque voice, the coach stated that the Generals were going to humiliate the Globetrotters — humiliate them more than Mason’s own basketball team.

Currently in their 15th week of the 2010 Magical Memories tour of 216 cities, the Globetrotters made their way to Fairfax as they entertained the crowd at the Patriot Center on Saturday night.

In their 84th year of existence, the Globetrotters continue to provide crowd-pleasing entertainment as they have toured around the world over the years and played in over 25,000 games.

Several famous Globetrotters of the past ranged from collegiate basketball stars to former professional basketball players, including the great Wilt Chamberlain.

With the new wave of incoming players, the Globetrotters have continued to show the athletic and theatrical side of basketball.

Prior to the main event, the Globetrotters’ mascot Globie entertained the crowd with a game of musical chairs and a magical act.

At zero-hour, basketball returned to the Patriot Center as the players took center court. During warm-ups, each of the Globetrotters took turns wowing the crowd with amazing basketball tricks.

Leading the Globetrotters was the showman, Handles Franklin. A former player at Lock Haven University, Handles excelled in ball handling and was one of the school’s top passers. For Handles, it was his dream since age 6 to become a Harlem Globetrotter.

Other players included Airport Greenup, Dizzy Grant and Rocket Rivers.

The Globetrotters and Generals traded buckets throughout the first quarter; although the game was close for the first 10 minutes, the Generals head coach immediately went with his secret weapon, hypnotizing Dizzy in order to earn free points. After ending Dizzy’s spell with an amazing play, the Globetrotters ended the first period with a 20-18 lead.

Spark Clark emerged from the bench for the Globetrotters with back-to-back dunks, but during a timeout, the Generals coach hypnotized Clark to give the Generals the advantage. As Spark sat on the opposing bench sporting a Generals jacket, the Globetrotters regrouped to formulate a strategy.

With a man down, the Globetrotters attempted to break the spell, but the Generals went into halftime with a 36-34 lead.

The Globetrotters, however, rallied from the halftime deficit, outscoring the Generals 23-14 in the third period.

The Globetrotters went back to their razzle dazzle playing style in the fourth quarter as Handles continued pestering the referee, confusing him with a Foot Locker referee.

The Generals head coach used his secret weapon once again, putting Handles to sleep. Fast asleep at center court, the Globetrotters were able to withstand a late rally from the Generals.

In the closing seconds, the Globetrotters went up for one final slam dunk, sealing the game by a score of 67-59.

Once again, the Globetrotters came out on top.