Almost everyone who lives on campus has been to Southside, the restaurant that offers a buffet to students in return for one meal plan ($8.75 for breakfast and lunch, $9.50 for dinner), and I can guarantee that anyone who went to Southside last year can also remember the music.

The food at Southside has always been great, but last year, all I can remember is the awful music that they played.

Acoustic songs and acoustic covers, all the time, nonstop.

True, there were a few exceptions. For instance, once Southside had live music, which they should definitely try to do again. However, the majority of the time I would be greeted with an acoustic cover of a random Bob Marley song, or something similar.

I honestly can’t understand what the reasoning behind the music was.

I understand that they were going for a calming effect, but I simply found it to be too dull.

Not to disrespect acoustic musicians or people who like acoustic music, the music is just fine. I really don’t mind hearing one or two acoustic songs, but imagine being bombarded by draggy, dreary music for as long as you eat your food. It’s auditory torture.

I remember reading a story in the news that said that United States officials were using music to interrogate terrorists.

They should use some of the music from Southside. After a few hours, the most hardened terrorist on earth would crack.

One or two songs are fine, but when you hear 15 songs in a row that are almost indistinguishable from each other, it makes you want to grab a plate and beat your brains out.
This semester, however, I’ve seen a change for the better.

I’ve been to Southside a few times since the fall semester began, and believe it or not, there is actually variety in the music.

In fact, I don’t remember ever hearing any draggy acoustic tunes since this semester has begun.

True, they were playing ‘80s pop and other random music, but it was still a change. A little variety in the music can make a big difference to people who spend more than an hour inside a restaurant.

Music can help make or break the mood in a restaurant.

Anyone who has been to Ike’s at three in the morning knows that when an upbeat song comes on, the overall atmosphere definitely takes a turn for the better. While the music isn’t as loud in Southside, the concept remains the same.

I am urging Southside management with all my heart: for the good health of all your patrons and employees who had to sit through hours of acoustic hell, please do not change the music back.

You’ve made a good decision to change the music. Keep it.

People don’t go to Southside to be put to sleep, they go to eat, hang out and have a good time with their friends. I remember the last time I went, I even heard a little reggaetón, which was a little edgy, but it definitely helped to liven things up.

Hopefully Southside keeps this new music going. It’s not dreary anymore, and the music that they’re currently playing adds a bit of a flair to the buffet. Besides, anything is better than listening to acoustic music without end.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are fans of acoustic music, but the rest of us would not like to sit through acoustic torture while eating our meals.

The horrors of last semester can stay in the past. Southside management seems to have made a change for the better, and let me tell you, it’s music to my ears.