Someone once told me that the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats feel and then think, and Republicans think and then feel.

To this day, I still have trouble deciphering not only which is better, but also whether or not this statement is true.

Certain issues within this country, such as illegal immigration and free health care, undoubtedly demonstrate the desire of Democrats to make life easier and more enjoyable for all people in this country despite their citizenship or financial standing.

Republicans, however, believe that certain principles stated in the Constitution should prevent the U.S. from using its citizens’ earnings to benefit the less fortunate and those who dwell illegally in this nation, despite the suffering this may cause them.

The issue of whose perspective is more justified, the Democrats’ or Republicans’, is one of the relentless hands tearing apart the unity of the U.S..

Having been raised in a very right wing home, I grew up having certain beliefs ingrained in my mind that I never questioned until certain circumstances forced me to, namely the presidency of George Bush.

Until his decisions began to yield extreme anger and hatred among the American people, I had never realized how brutal the disagreements between parties could be.

With each choice Bush made, particularly those regarding our affairs overseas, Democrats hurled more and more insults at him, eventually painting him as one of the most hated and dimwitted leaders this country has ever put in office.

He has become the butt of endless jokes and criticism and when his name is mentioned in a room, there is always at least one person who feels the need to roll his eyes.

After the presidency of George Bush, Democrats had undeniably secured a seat for one of their party members as president. Any candidate they chose to represent them was sure to look like a god after the reputation Bush had obtained for himself.

But now, after the arguments, abuses and bitterness are set aside, the question remains: can Democrats pull this country out of the turmoil that they blame Republicans for getting us into? Only time will tell.

After considering their differences, it becomes more and more clear that Democrats do indeed care for the well-being and safety of the people in the U.S., while Republicans think first about the rules which were originally established by our forefathers. Which is better?

Should citizens, for example, be permitted to keep and bear arms as the Constitution states or has the passage of time caused this right to no longer be necessary or justifiable as it puts our people in danger?

When Barack Obama was elected, one of the first and most drastic changes he made was the establishment of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, nicknamed “Obamacare.” This act was passed on the basis that all people of this nation, be they citizens or illegal aliens, wealthy or impoverished, are entitled to health care and should not be denied it based on their inability to afford it or their illegitimate residence in the U.S.

Democrats crafted this act because they felt for the people within the boundaries of their country who were suffering and not being provided proper medical care. Republicans, on the other hand, opposed Obamacare due to our recessed economy, and came to the decision that the U.S. cannot afford to spend over $1 trillion this decade to provide health care to those who cannot afford it.
Is there a right and a wrong or only two different perspectives?

Individuals hold true to their beliefs because of their personal experiences. For some, the home they grew up in has determined their political stance. For others, the witnessing of some specific situation has become the basis of their opinions.

What we as students often forget is that opposing beliefs are not necessarily produced by ignorance or egocentricity. They are simply the product of a different pair of eyes and ears that have walked a different path, shared different experiences and been shaped by different factors.

This country has been in the hands of both Democrats and Republicans in the past and both have had their moments of glory and their moments of shame.

Whatever party you associate yourself with, be it the liberals, conservatives or neither, a crucial aspect of being a sensible American is making the effort to think of the people who feel, and feel for the people who think.