On any college campus in the U.S. you will find many clubs and organizations that can be classified from diverse to outright bizarre.

At George Mason University, you can join a club that celebrates belly dancing or another that practices medieval sword fighting.
There truly is something for everyone but there is one club that takes the spirit of these activities to a disappointing new level: the Secular Student Alliance.

This devotion to secularism is not confined to this campus and reflects a disturbing trend in our society.

As I perused the website of the Secular Student Alliance I was constantly reminded of the South Park episode where Eric Cartman freezes himself and wakes up in the year 2546.

He finds a world filled with atheist members of colorful groups like theUnified Atheist League who wear pointy hats and constantly proclaim colloquialisms like, “Oh my Science!” and “What in the name of Science?”

Let me be clear that if you claim to be an atheist, I do respect your decision.

There is nothing that can stop your lack of religious convictions and I respect your God-given right to deny God.

I poke fun at the SSA because they have shown no qualms about ridiculing Christianity, and yet on the surface they claim to strive for “mutually respectful relationships between theists and nontheists.”

The hypocrisy of this group and of similar liberal organizations requires correction. Liberals tell us to be tolerant of all religions yet they constantly antagonize Christians.

To wit, last semester the SSA sponsored a “Flying Spaghetti Monster” pasta dinner.

Very amusing indeed, but the intention is much more sinister than a harmless poke at Christianity.

In an attempt to denounce intelligent design, the founder of this “Flying Spaghetti Monster” internet parody mean-spiritedly mocks Christians for no apparent reason.

When Liberals decry religious bigotry, they exclude their own prejudices.

Such childish behavior isn’t an isolated incident; it’s an increasingly used Liberal tactic, stemming from the Marxist leader Saul Alinsky’s fourth rule of power tactics for radicals: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

President Barack Obama, a champion of secularism himself, uses this tactic on a daily basis against his opposition.

In relation to the national SSA, it’s truly a sad state of affairs when the president of the U.S. invites a faithless organization like them to a meeting at the White House on behalf of “interfaith” community service on college campuses.

The SSA, in accordance with other left-wing organizations, oddly claims to defend “separation of church and state” and “religious freedom.”

It’s odd because those two things are diametrically opposed.

The Founding Fathers of this great nation laid the basis of our society on Judeo-Christian values.

They understood that the power of diverse faiths would inspire men to make this nation great.

While Liberals would have you believe the Constitution expressly prohibits any mingling of religion and state affairs, this is false.

The First Amendment contains the only mention of religion found in the entire document. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” it says.

There is nothing forbidding the teaching of intelligent design, praying in public schools, putting a copy of the Ten Commandments in a federal courtroom, or even celebrating a National Day of Prayer.

The Constitution only forbids the establishment of a state-sponsored religion, nothing more.

Our culture is defined by faith, and secularism threatens to destroy it.

If society overwhelmingly has faith in a divine being who is manifested by peace, love and respect, then mankind will strive to emulate those attributes.

If society overwhelmingly only has faith in the undisciplined self that is manifested by strife, greed and sin, then we shall perish from this earth.

Secularism must be defeated at all levels for the sake of civil society and this great nation. The Founding Fathers understood this principle. It’s time we all did, too.