There is something about watching sports that makes us all hang on to the edge of our seats, just waiting for the next incredible play.
We’re waiting for that game-saving catch or that series-winning shot that people will rave about for years to come.

But, like I said back in August, we all thoroughly enjoy watching particular athletes crash and burn.

Not literally, of course. Though I could certainly make a joke about Tom Brady’s car accident here and say something like, “I wonder if Gisele was chasing him with a football when he crashed his car.”

But I won’t do that because he got in a car accident. There is absolutely nothing funny about that.

What is funny, though, is that LeBron James now lingers among the top five of Most Disliked Athletes in the industry. According to the Q Scores Company, an organization that measures the general popularity of athletes, James used to be one of the most-liked athletes.

But since “The Decision” on July 8, his reputation has sank to a valley so low that it rivals the reputation of Kobe Bryant, an admitted adulterer and an accused rapist.

The only difference is that Bryant is the kind of guy that just doesn’t care.

And he shouldn’t.

He has become one of the most recognizable winners in the game of basketball while James has done his part to befall one of the greatest losers in NBA history.

Way to go, LeBum.

And speaking of sinking reputations, the Oakland Raiders were back on the field in week one of the NFL season. (For those of you who didn’t know: Yes, Oakland still does have a team. Imagine that, right?)

I wouldn’t blame you for forgetting.

The team hasn’t won more than five games in any one season since 2002. Yet their reason for the team’s loss to Tennessee was simple: overconfidence.


Tight end Zach Miller and quarterback Jason Campbell both used the excuse in their post-game interview and haven’t budged over the last week.

Apparently Oakland feels like a 5-10 2009 campaign warrants them the right to get cocky.

I mean, it was one of their best seasons since Jon Gruden took them to the Super Bowl about ten years ago.

Regardless, I find it incredibly funny. Because I’d say the reason they lost is because they spent their offseason picking up all the scrubs that the Redskins let go (i.e. Jason Campbell).

They seem to have stacked their team with former Redskins back-ups.

Of all teams, Redskins backups!

And let’s be honest, if these guys aren’t good enough to make the Skins’ roster, they probably aren’t good enough to make any roster.