The people of Germany love beer. It’s in their gardens and their town squares. Although consumption of the frothy beverage is declining, studies have suggested the average German drinks 116 liters – or nearly 31 gallons – of beer per year.

It’s no surprise, then, that one of the country’s most celebrated times of the year is Oktoberfest. Contrary to its name, Oktoberfest begins in mid-September and ends at the start of October.
The festival started in 1810 as a public celebration of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig I and Princess Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen. The festival was so popular with the public that it was renewed the following year.

While America doesn’t tend to celebrate Oktoberfest with the same fervor as the Germans, there are still plenty of festivities. And with those festivities comes beer.
Many domestic breweries create seasonal beers for the occasion. Here are a few of the best:

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Not too heavy and not too light, Octoberfest is a perfect beer for the fall. With hints of caramel and toffee, the beer has a sweet yet malty taste.

Enjoy with a German sausage or crab cakes for the feeling of a New England autumn.

Magic Hat Hex

Like the Sam Adams, Magic Hat’s Hex is a darker beer with hints of sweetness. Caramel, apple and some bready tastes mix together in this red ale.

Magic Hat is known for its eye-catching designs, but Hex is a beer worthy of the Oktoberfest moniker.

Gordon Biersch FestBier

San Francisco’s Gordon Biersch brewery might be best known locally by its Tysons Corner location, home to the giant glass boot.

But the brewery is also home to seven proprietary beers. Its Oktoberfest beer, FestBier, is ready for the season. With notes of bread and biscuit, FestBier is an easy-to-drink beer for the start of autumn.

Starr Hill Feastie

Brewed in Charlottesville, Va., Starr Hill is a local brewery with a national reach. For fall, Starr Hill releases Festie, the brewery’s take on Oktoberfest.

Like many beers of its genre, Festie is a medium-bodied brew with a bready taste. Festie is paired well with warm, hearty dishes like chili.