Seth Meyers performs at the Patriot Center last Saturday. Photo By Peter Flint.

George Mason University has seen a great many stars come to campus this semester, and last Saturday was no exception.

Sports fans might know him as the host of this year’s ESPY’s, ESPN’s annual awards ceremony, while others might recognize him from his news parody segment on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) where Meyers also serves as the show’s head writer.

Dressed in a flannel shirt and skinny jeans, Meyers delivered an excellent performance last Saturday at the Patriot Center.
With a great reaction from the crowd, Meyers performed a hilarious comedy routine including jokes about texting, studying abroad, vampires and an Owen Wilson impression that garnered a great crowd reaction.

Meyers’ routine lasted about an hour before he opened up the room for Q&A with the audience. Microphones were sent around the crowd for 15 minutes as students and spectators asked him questions about “SNL,” his view on Mason and a number of other subjects.

Meyers said he thoroughly enjoyed doing stand-up comedy since his first performance as an opening act, which was at Mason eight years ago.

Before the show, Meyers sat down with “Broadside” to answer a few questions.

Have you always wanted to write?

Yeah, I think the potential in my beginnings in comedy were as a writer more than anything else. I started to show promises as a writer first.

What are some things you enjoy more about doing stand-up comedy than when you’re working on SNL.

Well, obviously on SNL, as you’re doing it, it’s going out to more than six million homes all at once, so it’s sort of nice to be in a big room with people and if something goes unexpectedly, it won’t ruin your night. Also, when you’re performing in front of an audience, you’re responsible for your own jokes.

Do you miss being a regular cast member on “SNL?”

I don’t. I really enjoy writing, and I love doing Weekend Update. For me, this is the perfect job right now.

Where do you draw your inspiration for Weekend Update?

Well for Weekend Update, we sort of just go through all the big headlines. We start with very big things like current events, and then we move on to smaller silly stuff like animals and such.