Halloween is the one day of the year females can dress up and show a little skin without judgment, making it the best holiday to get creative with your sexy, freaky side.

You know you’ve always wanted to wear that skimpy outfit again and rock it, just like last year. You remember the feeling: walking in the room, dressed to impress and having every male head turn as you pass. It felt fabulous!

If you have a boyfriend, do him a little favor. We all know that men love variety. Oh yes – lots of variety. (Ladies without a man: Save this one for when you have a steady boyfriend, because it will be a lot more fun with someone you care about.) Pull out that sexy Halloween costume you rocked so seductively last year and put it to use.

Whether you were a sexy bumblebee, witch or Native American, you can put the buzz in his pants, take a ride on his broomstick or have a sexy powwow in the bedroom.

Let’s get started.

Now that you have your mind-blowing legs exposed, your cleavage in full view and your costume barely hiding the goods, set the scene for the ultimate spooky, spicy night. Light a few candles (the hot wax will come into play later) and put on the hottest, sexiest music you can find.

Put a sticky note somewhere where he absolutely cannot miss it. Write how badly you need him to come ravage you and how you’re just craving his stimulating touch. Trust me, he will come running. Once he’s arrived, show yourself. Let his jaw drop to the floor for a moment, and kiss him hard and passionately.

Lead him to the bedroom and gradually strip him down as you walk around seductively. Lay him on the bed and kiss him all over. Maybe even dribble a little hot wax on his chest. This will really get his blood flowing.

Even better, throw in a sexy dance to completely blow his mind. Let him grab and touch – he will be doing all he can to not ravage you right away. After you know he just can’t take it any longer, let him have his kinky way with you!

Enjoy Halloween, but even more, enjoy the after-Halloween costume dress-ups.