Los Angeles-based Local Natives performed at the 9:30 Club Thursday. Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Energy is perhaps the most overused word in concert reviewing. Bands have it, crowds have it, even the venues can have it. It is a rare occurrence when these three entities meet and create a truly memorable night of music, but Thursday’s performance by indie quintet Local Natives at the 9:30 Club did just that.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Local Natives are a band on the rise thanks to their critically-acclaimed debut album “Gorilla Manor.” The band has been gaining in recent months, performing at DC9 in May ,but selling out the 9:30 Club on Thursday.

Rooted in an indie-meets-afropop style, the band’s live performance is a unique experience. Each member contributes vocals to nearly every song, resulting in a sing-along feel. In addition to having a full-time drummer, the other four members take turns playing additional percussion, creating a sort of tribal sound that pulses under the sparkling guitars and booming bass.

While “Gorilla Manor” might not sound like a dance record, the crowd was in the mood to dance, enthusiastically bouncing with the rhythmic pounding of the drums and singing along with the numerous choral breaks. The group played every song on their album, including their popular single “Airplanes,” prompting cheers from the crowd, and a cover of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign.”

Although the band has been playing sold-out shows for the last few months, the group seemed taken aback by the crowd’s energy from the start. They responded by giving an electric performance. So while energy might be a tired adjective, it might also be the best way to describe the show.