District 8

Name: Jim Moran (Incumbent)
Party: Democrat

– Will work to reduce student tuition, create more scholarships and cut interest rates on student loans in half
– Will work to make health insurance affordable so that people are not strapped to their job for fear of losing insurance
– Wants to extend the Metro further out Interstate 66
– Will continue to invest in the school system
– To repair economy: Invest in new, globally competitive jobs in clean energy and technology to create more opportunities for college graduates
– Iraq and Afghanistan: Wants to keep America out of unnecessary wars, such as the Iraq War. Moran voted against the Iraq War and funding in Afghanistan until a viable plan is presented
– Emphasizes the need for a tolerant
– From interview with Moran

Name: Patrick Murray
Party: Republican

– Committed to educational excellence
– Will work to get the economy headed back in the right direction
– Concerned with transportation – the rail to Dulles specifically. Concerned with ensuring the federal government pays its fair share for a project that will mainly benefit the federal workforce
– To repair economy: Stop the Moran tax increase and create an environment where business owners can predict the future economic viability of their business and make appropriate investments to grow and create jobs
– Iraq and Afghanistan: We must ensure we do not abandon a success story by leaving the domestic government to fend completely for itself against a possible resurgence of an insurgency force

– From interview with Murray

Name: Ron Fisher
Party: Independent Green

(Information from Green’s website, www.ronfisherforcongress.com)
– End U.S. wars and occupations, reduce annual Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) spending by 90 percent (about $900 billion) and have the MIC support a peaceful, Green economy with no layoffs
– Phase out nuclear weapons worldwide and other offensive weapons
– End the so called “war on terror” and treat terrorsit acts as criminal acts
– Provide public and private sector employment opportunities for all at living wages in meaningful work, mainly providing the necessities of life. This will also provide customers for all businesses and will rapidly grow the economy.
– Build and operate a modern, comprehensive, nationwide, rail based transportation/transit system

District 10

Name: Jeff Barnett
Party: Democrat

– To repair economy: Create more jobs by supporting small businesses, investing in new industries and focusing on education
– Improve Northern Virginia transportation: add bridges, rails, expand roads and teleworking plans
– Plans to extend the tuition tax credit Congress passed this year for all four years of college
– From interview with Barnett

Name: Frank Wolf (Incumbent)
Party: Republican

– To repair economy: Provide incentives for job growth, stop job-killing tax increases and keep taxes low and give small businesses the assistance necessary to allow job creation
– Has been involved in every major regional transportation improvement including building the original 103-mile Metro system, widening I-66, rebuilding the Wilson Bridge and tthe mass transit through Tysons to Dulles airport
-From interview with Wolf

Name: William Redpath
Party: Libertarian

– Supports economic and personal freedom
– Reduce government spending
– End the governmen’ts War on Drugs
– Supports eliminating the US Department of Education and the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, all corporate welfare and all farm subsidies

-From interview with Redpath

District 11

Name: Keith Fimian
Party: Republican

(Information from Fimian’s website, www.keithfimian.com)
-An entrepreneur who started a nationwide company that has created hundreds of jobs
-End dependence on foreign oil – proposes drilling for more oil and natural gas, expanding nuclear power and develop wind and solar alternative energy
-Has taken the No New Tax Pledge
-Immediately freeze government spending and return all unspent TARP funds to the Treasury
-100 percent opposed to illegal immigration

Name: David Gillis Jr.
Party: Independent Green

(Information from Gillis’s website, www.votejoinrun.us)
-Build statewide high-speed rail now
– Create jobs
– Grow the economy
– Make Virginia safer and more secure
– Light rail on the beltway at one-tenth the cost of the $2 billion boondoogle toll roads
– We call for $10 Billion High Speed Statewide Rail Bond in Virginia, like passed in California in November 2008

Name: Gerry Connolly (Incumbent)
Party: Democrat

(Information from Connolly’s website, www.gerryconnolly.com)
– Fight wasteful spending and budget deficits
– Hold the line on taxes
– Stand up to big bands and credit card companies
– Invest in schools
– Reform the health insurance system
– Improve Northern Virginia’s transportation network

Name: Christopher DeCarlo
Party: Independent

(Information from DeCarlo’s website, www.honestyandethics.com)
– Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell should not be repealed.
– We should not have invaded Afghanistan and we should withdraw our troops.
– Education is a priority, but its priorities have shifted towards more administration and testing to the detriment of the students and their teachers. The teachers are being forced to execute formula teaching which diminishes the personal satisfaction they receive from the profession and too narrowly channels student education.
– I would not have supported TARP or the bank bailout. These programs were designed to redistribute wealth.

Name: David L. Dotson
Party: Libertarian

(Information from Dotson’s website, www.dotsonforcongress.com)
-End the War on Drugs that destroys our inner cities, criminalizes the population and fills our prisons
-Return to sound money, reestablish a monetary system based on the gold standard, and remove the federal government’s power to inflate our currency and debase the dollar
-Abolish the income tax, repeal the 16th Amendment, which helped change the U.S. from a republic, where We the People are the masters of our government, to an empire, where government is the master of the people
-Stop the War against Iran. The American people are being manipulated into supporting an attack on another Muslim nation that poses no threat to our safety, as the administration engages in economic warfare by imposing harsh sanctions on the people of Iran.

All photos courtesy of Facebook