Celebrities never fail to disappoint audiences with their entertaining lives. Most people with access to a computer or a copy of OK! Magazine expect to see the likes of Lindsay Lohan gracing the covers with her latest stint in rehab or jail.

Some celebrities who have recently avoided media attention are now being forced into the spotlight.

A separation of a marriage brought together through a “Scream,” a pop princess’s apparent attraction to same-sex partners causing problems for her marriage, and a “Hangover” actor being unhappy with the hit movie’s sequel are just some of the stories buzzing around Hollywood.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette were one of the few Hollywood couples who seemed genuinely happy together. They first met in 1996 on the set of the horror film “Scream.” According to Wes Craven, the movie’s director, the couple’s connection was undeniable.

The two started dating during “Scream 2” and were married prior to the production of “Scream 3.” During filming of the fourth installment, the couple was apparently involved in an open marriage. They announced on Oct. 11 that they were separating even though they still “deeply loved each other.” But on Oct. 19, the couple reunited and seemed rather cozy.

Hopefully this couple will work things out, or else working on the next sequel will really be a horror.

On Oct. 12, Christina Aguilera announced plans to divorce husband Jordan Bratman after five years of marriage. The couple gave no reasons for the separation but sources suggest that their dalliance with an open marriage might be the reason.

However, Radar reported that according to an anonymous woman, Aguilera has a thing for the ladies.

She claims that Aguilera’s bodyguard approached her at The Abbey in West Hollywood and told her that the popular singer was interested in her. When the woman met with Aguilera in the bathroom, Aguilera propositioned her and the woman declined.

Aguilera is currently romantically linked to Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson. Was Aguilera’s taste in women the real reason why the marriage is over? Only they know the answer.

“The Hangover” was named the funniest movie of 2009 by a variety of award shows, and much of the reason for its success was Zach Galifianakis’s character Alan. With the filming of the second movie though, Galifianakis apparently has been unhappy with some aspects of the production.

Rumors around Hollywood suggest that it was because of Mel Gibson’s cameo.

The movie’s director, Todd Phillips, released a statement to “Entertainment Tonight” claiming that some of the actors did not support Gibson’s appearance.

To remedy the situation, “Taken” star Liam Neeson will replace the controversial actor. There has been no word on whether Galifianakis is satisfied with the changes.