It’s an amazing phenomenon to see how liberals act when they’re backed into a corner, which is usually one of two ways; they either ridicule you or demand you be silenced. I suppose that whole first amendment “thing” must really get under their skin, huh?

Interestingly enough, there is an ongoing campaign by a liberal activist to stop advertisers from running commercials during Glenn Beck’s show on Fox News.

How someone has so much free time to pursue such a pointless endeavor aside, this type of behavior is commonplace among Democrats. If you don’t toe the line for the liberal agenda, you must be unworthy of exercising your first amendment rights.

It’s astonishing to me that the left will demonize Fox News, but think the vitriol spewed by Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz and every other anchor on MSNBC is actually considered “news.”

In a recent journalistic scandal, a number of leftist journalists, including reporters from Time, The New Republic and The Guardian, expressed their desire to see Fox taken off the air because of their center right reporting, which illustrates my point.

I admit Fox takes a more conservative slant, but so what?

The left has MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and PBS. Aren’t conservatives entitled to at least one television network?

If you don’t like Fox then don’t watch it, but don’t tell me I don’t have the right simply because they aren’t a carbon copy of the dribble coming out of your preferred networks.

It’s the same reason why the left wants to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine.

It kills them that the free market decided that conservatives are the kings of talk radio while the progressive Air America flopped after six tumultuous years.

It’s also why the left-leaning NPR fired Juan Williams for speaking his mind on Fox News.

Nothing was more disgusting than the way the Democrats tried to label the tea party as racists.

It’s the most often used play in the Democratic playbook to demonize your opposition.

If someone disagrees with you then label them as a racist, forcing them out of the debate entirely.

I recently heard on “The Ed Schultz Show” on MSNBC that a Huffington Post spokesperson said that in Nevada, Sharron Angle ran a “racist” campaign.

Pretty ironic considering that only a few months ago her opponent Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) remarked, “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.”

Coincidentally, Reid’s son Rory lost to Hispanic Republican Brian Sandoval in his attempt to become Nevada’s next governor.

Instead of admitting that Angle’s message of limited government, lower taxes and increased economic opportunity was a legitimate platform, Reid ridiculed her and made her out to be an extremist while insulting Latinos who care about those issues.

This mantra of “shut up and vote Democrat” has no place in American society.

The point is that liberals only harp about Constitutional freedoms like freedom of speech when it suits them.

In times such as these they really can’t have it both ways.

The exposing of the irrationality of liberalism has reached a crescendo in U.S. politics with the drubbing they took at the ballot box on Election Day.

These types of “thoughtcrime” silencing tactics were rejected by Americans in most of these races, and will continue to be less acceptable in the future.

The left wants to steer this country into the ditch.

If we’re faltering because of their irresponsible policies then let’s make sure they hear us all the way down.



  1. Anonymous says:

    It drives me up the wall to even read this. Like Jon Stewart said–we work together “every damn day;” it’s only in the media that we don’t. And it’s because of embarrassingly extreme opinions such as this that people don’t want to have anything to do with each other. “In times like these they can’t really have it both ways.” No–in times like these, we HAVE to have it both ways.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just reading this column drives me up the wall. It isn’t a matter of “left” or “right.” Like Jon Stewart said–we work together “every damn day.” And it’s because of bizarrely and embarrassingly extreme opinions such as this that no one wants to have anything to do with each other. “They can’t really have it both ways.” No–in today’s society, we HAVE to have it both ways. And on Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow…just as a pointer, Rachel went to Stanford and Oxford; Glenn didn’t go to college….so who would you rather have as a political mentor?