2010 has been a big year in the world of celebrity gossip. Celebrities keep newspapers and tabloids in business with their crazy and off-the-wall antics. Deaths, cheating scandals, shocking celebrity break ups and drug problems continue to turn Hollywood upside down.

However, some stories were unexpected and truly shocked readers this year. These stories include a controversial actor’s abusive behavior towards an ex-wife, a Disney starlet mysteriously taken into rehab and America’s sweetheart being thrust into the public eye because of her husband’s infidelity.

Mel Gibson is known as an award-winning actor and director. He is also known as a controversial figure who has made racist and homophobic remarks during interviews. In July 2010, his public image changed forever when several phone recordings between Mel and ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva were leaked on the Internet.

The recordings had Mel threatening Oksana’s life twice, saying he would burn her house down and admitting that he knocked out her front teeth. Oksana has since issued a restraining order against Mel, keeping him away from her and their daughter.

Another huge story of 2010 was a “Camp Rock” star entering into a treatment center. Popular Disney star Demi Lovato sought medical treatment for emotional and physical issues on Nov. 1. Since her admittance, there has been much speculation on why she needed treatment. Some tabloids suggested Demi was following in a certain former Disney star’s wild footsteps.

Similar to Lindsay Lohan’s downward spiral, RadarOnline.com reported Demi was out of control at parties and was allegedly caught on tape snorting cocaine at a party during one of her tour dates in Texas. Her publicists have since rejected the claims saying that drugs and alcohol had nothing to do with Demi seeking treatment. Other sources suggest the young actress had violent outbursts including punching a backup dancer in the face.

Speculation ceased when People magazine reported that Demi had been struggling with eating disorders and self-mutilation. Since receiving help, Demi has reportedly been doing much better. It is only a matter of time before she returns to her singing and dancing career with the Jonas Brothers.

The last big story of 2010 involved Sandra Bullock’s highly publicized marriage to motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James. It was a huge story because no one thought someone could ever cheat on America’s sweetheart. In March 2010, a stripper named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee came forward and announced that she had an 11-month affair with Jesse. Other women later stepped into the spotlight to proclaim that they also had affairs with Sandra’s husband.

The couple seemed to try to mend their relationship at first, as Jesse went into rehab for sex addiction. However, Sandra filed for divorce in April and the couple has since gone their separate ways. Sandra is enjoying her single life with her adorable son, Louis, while Jesse has moved on with tattoo artist Kat Von D. I hope the next man Sandra ends up with gives her the fairy-tale ending she deserves.