The installation of a rainwater harvesting and irrigation system in the Child Development Center’s garden began on Monday.

Dorothea Tyree, head teacher in the Teddy Bear Classroom, is the caretaker of the garden where the irrigation system is being installed.

“The big thing is sustainability,” Tyree said. “[The irrigation system] will teach the kids a lot about using the water and not wasting it.”

According to Tyree, the system is a gift from a parent of a child at the center and is worth over $7,000. It will feature two 500 gallon tanks that will filter rainwater. Pipes will run underground to each bed and the children will be able to watch the plants get watered.

Each classroom has its own bed to plant, each with a different theme related to the curriculum. The system will also include a timer so plants can be watered on weekends.

The garden was created last year with money from Greenworks, after Dan Waxman, Project Manager for Auxiliary Enterprises, wrote a grant to the organization.

“We were able to build a learning laboratory for the children of the Childhood Development Center and provide great service-learning opportunities as well for college students,” Waxman said.

Tyree said tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, zucchini and basil were grown during the garden’s first season last year.
“We’re going to have a grand opening on April 27,” Tyree said. She said the opening will commemorate the first plants of the second season.