Red seems to be the defining color of love. It is the color we think of when we picture Valentine’s Day – like roses, lips and hearts. But really, those who love red are not usually the lovey-dovey type. People who love red are actually the sex deviants – absolute tigers in the sack. People who love red get turned on easily and when they do, watch out! It is going to be a wild ride. Imagine two hot red lovers getting together, whoa!

So what about the other colors? What do they mean when it comes to love and sex?

Brown: If your favorite color is brown, you’re the romantic. You feed off the actual feeling of love and need to express to your partner that you love them. The brown sex is a slow passionate sex and they always look after their partner. So if you have a brown, keep them! They will always cherish you and treat you well (and your sexual parts very well).

Yellow: Yellows are a different breed from the browns or the reds. Yellows are usually the innocent ones. The bedroom is their personal space and they would never share it with a stranger. However, a yellow usually will not turn down the opportunity to be with someone they care about or enjoy being with, whether they are together or not.

Pink: Oh pinkies, how everyone loves you. They are the sly, oozing-of-sex type of people. You big flirt – you just can’t stay with one person. Be careful ladies, if you’re dating a guy who rocks a lot of pink in his wardrobe, he might come home with a lipstick stain on his collar and it will not be your shade.

Purple: Everyone loves a sexy business type. Whether you’re a woman or a man, a suit is hot. And oh, how you purples take the business approach in the sack. It is totally cool to rock a suit before you get down and dirty, but purples do not like the messy sex. You keep it clean and professional. If you’re a purple try a hot and sweaty sex session just one time – you might like it!

Blue: Your love is just like a blues song. You are cuddle bunnies and like rabbits, you love to make love. You do not just go for the gold, you enjoy the love that goes into your love-making. This is a sweet quality. Keep it – you will make someone feel very special. Not to mention someone oh-so-satisfied with your experimental tendencies.

Green: Greens, you and the yellows have so much in common. You would never sleep with someone you did not truly care about. You’re the ones that hold out on sex for months before allowing someone inside your pants. Keep it like that, you are a rare breed to find.

Orange: Are tangerines and oranges the same? Not in this sense. You oranges are wild, wild, wild! Having sex with you is just as wild as having sex with a porn star. Your fantasies are out of this world and you really need to be with another orange or a red. That would be a hot combination.

Black: Dominatrix defines the black lovers. You have a wicked idea of sex. You get as dirty, as mean and as wild as it possibly gets. You might have fun with an orange or a red, but to really reach the sexual heights you desire, you need another black. No one else will amount to the adventures you seek.

On Valentines Day, ask your partner their favorite color and see what you can explore with them. Have fun and use protection. Remember, Valentine’s Day is not only about love but also about letting loose on a sexy holiday.