The upcoming tuition increases at George Mason University are completely unacceptable for our students, both in-state and out-of-state.

It is a major problem and the answer couldn’t be clearer.

Instead of increasing campus spending, personnel and creating more hectic construction based on bonds that Mason and our students will eventually have to pay back, Mason leadership should be focused on streamlining more and advancing economically-smart education priorities.

Mason should reconsider its rash decision to use students as a never-ending source of increased revenue and treat campus operations like a business. Fiscal irresponsibility has no place here in Fairfax.

Instead of buying new printers and copiers at the cost of thousands of dollars and wasting money on databases that aren’t used, Mason should adapt and improvise.
Instead of hiring new faculty, revamp current rolls and focus on merit-based tenure.

Instead of keeping systems and programs that don’t work, innovate and eliminate waste and redundancy. It needs to focus on shifting the cost curve down for our Mason Patriots, not exponentially raising the amount of dollars that students will have to pay.

In the end it boils down to basic economic principles.

As we grow in numbers as a school in both area and population, current leadership will continue to rise and raise rates based on supply and demand. What many at Mason fear is that as we reach the maximum number of students, rates will still go up leading many to seek post-secondary education elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

As such, Mason leadership and the Board of Visitors should do everything it can to maintain a low-cost university atmosphere.
It is not only the right thing to do but the appropriate course of action to take.

Our students should continue to have quality and lasting affordable education – that is acceptable and should remain our mandate.

Michael DeMatteo
GMU Student Senator
Government and
International Politics