Inter-American Development Fund has worked throughout the Americas to build community infrastructure like the clinic for blind children in Bolivia, pictured above. Photo courtesy of Inter-American Development Fund

George Mason University student group Latinos on the Move and the non-profit organization Inter-American Development Fund will host meetings Tuesday at the City of Fairfax Regional Library and next week at George Washington University’s Mount Vernon Campus to discuss the construction of a community center in rural Guatemala.

IADF is known for completing community centers in Mexico, El Salvador and Bolivia. In addition, the organization is responsible for the construction of clinics and parks.

The IADF works closely with Latinos on the Move.

“We hold dinners, soccer tournaments and parties to try to get people involved,” said Rudy Mareno, a board member for Latinos on the Move.

Ryan Gaul, the chairman of the IADF Recruitment and Appraisal Committee said this will be the first time most of the children in the Guatemalan village will have ever seen a computer.

“We are inviting the entire Mason community,” Mareno said.

Gaul said anyone who is interested in helping should attend one of the meetings.

On April 12, at George Washington University’s Foggy Bottom campus, an unveiling ceremony for an IADF project will be held. Construction for the project — a clinic to be built in Haiti — will commence soon.

The meeting at the City of Fairfax Regional Library is from 7 to 8 p.m. in the study room.
To get involved with the IADF, visit their website,