Justin Lalputan

Last year as a freshman, I was excited about Mason Day.

I had heard good things about it and I couldn’t wait to have fun and listen to some great music. It didn’t turn out that way; Cobra Starship headlined Mason Day.

I hate Cobra Starship, so I decided not to go, deciding instead to go this year, hoping that the act would be better.

Boy, was I wrong.

The Plain White T’s are headlining, not Wiz Khalifa, like half of campus apparently thinks. Seriously Mason? The Plain White T’s? When was the last time those guys were relevant? I know one song by them — “Hey There Delilah.”

Unless they plan on playing that song for the entire night, nobody is going to be entertained except for hardcore fans.

I’m sure Mason could have gotten someone better than the Plain White T’s to perform.

In fact, if I was going to go to Mason Day (which I’m probably not now), I would rather watch Mood Indigo than the Plain White T’s because they are actually talented and they deserve to be there.

The year before I came to Mason, T-Pain, a relevant artist, performed.

After last year’s Mason Day, Mason students received a survey asking them what type of acts they would like to see performed at events such as Mason Day.

Apparently, Mason lost all the responses, because I sure as hell did not ask for an irrelevant band that pales in comparison to previous Mason Day headliners (with the exception of Cobra Starship).

On a more positive note, Mason did one thing right by getting Wiz Khalifa.

As much as I wish that Wiz Khalifa could perform on Mason Day, I’m happy we got him at least sometime close to it.

Wiz performing at After Mason Day is like an apology to students for putting up with the Plain White T’s.

Of course, one major downside is having to pay to see him, but at least we’re getting an artist that people actually like and care about.

The bottom line is this: Mason, step up your game.

I know that somewhere out there, there are good artists ready to perform during Mason Day.

Mason is a great university and we put effort into everything we do and we are constantly expanding and improving.

It should make sense that we seek to improve our Mason Day headliners instead of regressing, which we currently are doing.

With all the money that we spend on construction and the increasing tuition costs, you would think that we could spend a little bit on getting a decent act for Mason Day.