The George Mason University Student Government would like to welcome both the new and returning students for the start of another great school year. Over the summer, SG has been working diligently planning and creating goals and events on behalf of the student body.
One of the most notable initiatives that SG has been working on for several years now is the quest for Mason to become a polling location. Just this past July, with persistence and dedication, various Mason student representatives stood before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to make this dream become a reality. Mason will now be home to the former portion of Braddock district’s Woodson precinct.
To ensure that students are well aware of this extraordinarily great opportunity, SG has teamed up with Mason Votes, GMU College Democrats and GMU College Republicans to advertise voter registration and the upcoming elections from now until Election Day on Nov. 8.. The aforementioned organizations will be at kiosks in the Johnson Center from now until Oct. 17 to help students on campus with the voter registration process. Be ready to rock the vote!
But it doesn’t stop there. With the 2011 school year in full swing, SG has already received student feedback from events about things students would like to see changed on campus to further our great tradition of excellence as a university.
On Sept. 27 SG will sit down face-to-face with the deans and provost to discuss academic affairs here at Mason. The add/drop date is an issue that has raised some eyebrows throughout the Mason community and will be talked about. Other talking points include: thoughts and problems with My Mason, reactions to academic advising with regard to the class of 2015 and summer orientations, and overcrowded classrooms resulting from class cuts. SG has made it a vital point to reach out to the administration to establish a working relationship in order to make a positive difference on campus.
Don’t forget: Fall elections for freshmen and transfer students to join SG Senate are on the horizon. Information packets come out Monday and can be picked up in the Office of Student Involvement located on the 2nd floor of the Hub — formally known as Student Union Building II. Elections are scheduled for October 4th and 5th. For more information on how to get involved with SG, please contact President Ally Bowers or Vice President Jacky Yoo.
Stay tuned for the October edition of SG’s new monthly column “Student Government Monthly”