With popular shows coming back this fall you may think it’ll be tough for all the new shows premiering to make it big.
Well, you may want to think again.
CBS’s “A Gifted Man” and “Person of Interest” are creating some buzz among those who love dramas and the supernatural. “Gifted Man” delves into the latter, so if you’re looking for something like “Ghost Whisperer” with a bit more pizzazz, then this is the perfect show for you.
“Person of Interest” is sparking some interest among those who loved “Minority Report.” It takes the movie’s set-up a step farther, becoming a CIA crime show wrapped up in politics. “Person” will definitely be the “Inception” for TV-watchers this fall.
“Charlie’s Angels” and “Pan Am” seem as though they’re going to be the biggest crowd-pleasers for ABC this fall. Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh are going to be playing the female crime-fighting trio from the classic series of the ‘70s. With luck, they’ll be able to live up to the original, and keep crime at bay with their groovy ways.
“Pan Am” takes us back to the ‘60s when flying on planes was hot and the flight attendants were hotter. Three airline hostesses set the mood for a perfect flight, but we’ll see how constant turbulence affects this fantastic trio’s personal lives. Drama in an occupation that is seemingly drama-less — what could be more perfect?
ABC’s “Suburgatory” seems as though it will be the TV-equivalent chick-flick for fall. What could be better than forcing a city girl to live in the ‘burbs? Sure to be a show full of laughs, it may remind women of “Legally Blonde” — only instead of finding her way through law school, this girl’s got to find her way through the suburbs.
NBC’s keeping things interesting with “Free Agents” and “The Playboy Club.” “Agents,” a remake of the popular British series, is giving a much-needed flare to American TV. Though it will take a lot to meet the standard set by its predecessor, this sitcom should be a thorough gut-buster.
“Playboy Club” seems to be feeling those groovy vibes from ABC’s “Angels” and “Pan Am,” by spicing things up in the ‘60s with the ever-popular Playboy Bunnies. However, something so risque has to come along with some controversy, which is why crime and politics mesh in this sexy show perfectly.
Buffy’s back! Only this time she’s ditched vampire slaying for a more dramatic persona on the CW. Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in the “Ringer” posing as twins — one is an alcoholic, and the other is possibly dead. This crazy twister of a show might have you dizzy, but Gellar is sure to put on a performance that is better than ever.
Fox is bringing on the laughs with its show “New Girl.” With the quirky and hilarious Zooey Deschanel as the lead, it’s sure to compete for comedy of the season.
All of these shows will premiere by October, so take a break from your studies and keep your eyes peeled for the new lineup.