Even before entering high school, most pre-teens had experienced elite college life, read countless literary classics and had regular outings with their eccentric, single mother. Though they never actually lived these events, they experienced them through, and with, Rory and Lorelai Gilmore, two strong and independent women who transcended television.

“Gilmore Girls” was nothing short of a moral education. It was an experience above that of a television show — a collection of life lessons. As college students, most Patriots can now relate to Rory’s bewildered feelings and timid attitude during her stressful times both in high school and her first year at Yale University. Bumping through corridors and showing up to class forty minutes early are just a few of the things that we’ve endured, like Rory, as freshmen. Perhaps it was the relatable college atmosphere that garnered an average of 4 million viewers per episode.

Years after the series finale, “Gilmore Girls” is still a mainstay in college dorms across the country. DVD sales have stayed consistent over the past 10 years thanks to each and every unique adventure the girls encountered. Remembering each episode as if it were an entirely new experience is something that will live on in the hearts of every fan.

“Gilmore Girls” showed viewers that there is only one ultimate goal in life — follow your dreams so that you can reach your own pinnacle of success. Whether it was Rory getting into Yale or Lorelai opening her inn, accomplishing goals was a recurring theme throughout the series. Though numerous other programs followed in the show’s footsteps, very few have come close to the popularity and cult-following it created. “Gilmore Girls” was the outlier that fit into no genre, but left a lasting mark on its viewers.

There are an infinite number of lessons to be learned from the story of the Gilmore girls. For every viewer, there was a different way to relate, a different set of lessons and a very common form of loyalty. Though the reign of “Gilmore Girls” has ended, nothing has seemed as real or believable as this simple story of a mother and daughter. For now and many years to come, fans will enjoy the hilarious quips between Lorelai and Rory, intertwined with an all-too-real storyline depicting the hardships, simplicities and musings that life has to offer.