The Patriot Center was packed Saturday evening for the Blake Shelton concert.

Audience members got their money’s worth too, seeing opening acts Justin Moore and “The Voice” contestant Dia Frampton. Each of the acts played several songs and got the crowd excited before Blake Shelton came out.

He had quite the entrance, descending from a platform onto the stage while colored lights flashed and the bass shook the whole arena.

by Jake Mclernon

He kicked off the night  singing “Footloose” and “All About Tonight.” Once he secured the attention of the audience, Shelton began telling stories and asking them questions.

Shelton is one of the most humble people in show business; he made a point to say multiple times how grateful he was for his fans and how he really is just a regular guy. He held audience members’ hands, threw guitar picks into the crowd and thanked select individuals for the posters they held up.

It was evident Shelton really cared about his fans and really paid attention to them.

“[Seeing so many people in the Patriot Center] made me a little bit nervous, y’all,” Shelton said. “When I get nervous I tend to drink, all right? I can already tell I like you all, by the way. I don’t wanna be like that kinda guy that says that way too early. But there’s somethin’ going on here between me and y’all. I don’t know if you noticed or not.”

He then went into singing “Home,” one of his most popular songs, so the audience could sing along with him.

Shelton did a great job relating to his audience, which was filled with college students and country music fans. He talked a lot about drinking and made jokes about how his record company was not happy with him for telling everyone he drinks while performing.

“I’ve gotta drink a drink of my drink,” Shelton said as he took a sip of what he implied was alcohol. “It’s a good time for y’all to do that too, by the way. I mean we’re just all hangin’ out around here, listening to country music for God’s sakes. It’s what you’re supposed to do — sing and listen to country music. Drink beer and raise hell, ain’t that right?”

The concert was fantastic. The atmosphere was energetic and fun, and the performers were running and dancing all over the stage.

Towards the end of the show, Shelton decided to play some of his earlier hit songs.

“I actually have songs even older than that crap,” he said. “Yes I do, yes I do. I actually have a song that’s really old. It was my first song. But I don’t want to be an old bastard up here singin’ old songs.”

He then proceeded to sing his first hit song, “Austin,” as the crowd went crazy.

Some other songs that were played throughout the concert included “Drink On It,” “Kiss My Country Ass,” “Ol’ Red,” “Honeybee” and “Hillbilly Bone,” followed by an encore performance with his newest single, “God Gave Me You.”

After the show, Shelton tweeted, “Thank you Fairfax!!!!!!! I love y’all so much I just pissed myself to write message instead of a bathroom break…”