The world is really cold without a cute pair of mittens. And life is pretty hard without a simple guideline to living happily. No one has all the answers as I sure as hell don’t. However, many pieces of received wisdom have been whispered down the grapevine and finally — we have answers. So what are the rules that brilliant women should live by?

Envy no one.

Once a woman begins feeling envy toward another woman that’s the second she has forsaken her ability to support and empathize with her sister. More importantly, when you’re focusing on another individual’s successes and failures you forget to recognize your own. Essentially, you’ve lost sight of what truly matters — bettering yourself. One sentiment to travel with: Your life is not a “Mean Girls” remake.

Write a mission statement. It doesn’t have to be long. It could be one word that encompasses your reason for being the brilliant lady you are. It could be a long poem that represents you.

As you grow, your mission statement should be refined to fit your needs and desires. Every woman’s mission statement should have the underlying theme of bettering herself and the world, even if it’s smiling more.

Smile and cry. Do just that. Smile at everyone you see. If they don’t smile back then you just gifted yourself with the release of endorphins which are guaranteed to keep you smiling. When you’re at home after a day of smiles, cry. Crying is an excellent way to release pent up stress which can sustain a healthy emotional lifestyle.

Become a yogi. Stretch every morning and every night, even if it’s only for five minutes.

Stretching helps your muscles and joints remain in balance and youthful, which reflects on your fresh faces, ladies. If you want to take it a step further then practice yoga.

Yoga is an amazing way to maintain an exercise regimen and feel sexy. If you keep one eye open, you’ll see me flowing through my Vinyasa atop the supple green grasses on campus. If you’re not interested in yoga, then buy a pair of running shoes and beat the floor. I don’t work out in gyms because I love being around nature. But if the gym is for you, then by all means add the weights. Just find something you love and let it make you happy and healthy.

Eat avocadoes and don’t ever forget the olives! In general, change the way you think about food. Food is a source of sustenance and pleasure. It is not, however, a way to fill a void by crunching on Doritos all day. Throughout your day, invigorate your body with fresh fruits and vegetables. And don’t neglect the avocados!  These foods keep you lean and feeling like the sexy beast you are. Remember, drink plenty of water and add a lemon wedge for style, class and flavor!

Mirror Snow White. In other words sleep. A lot. It’s effortless. Just turn off “Sex and The City” reruns and do it more often.

Devour books. “Read, read and keep on reading.” My grandfather’s words will never cease to echo in my heart and mind. He was one of the most amazing scholars and that’s

because he was a reader. A book can accompany you in times of heartache, loss, joy and peace. A book is a companion in every essence. Always have a book in your purse. Kindle, nook, and iPad counts too!

Grab Cinderella and the whole gang. Your girlfriends are your support system and your gateway to a world of plentiful smiles and laughter. Spend at least one night a week out with your girls or try takeout Tuesdays and play catch-up. After a long week of loony managers and demanding professors, it’s refreshing to kick back with a salad, magazines and gab the hours away with your soul sisters.

Ride on carousels. Do it. It’s fun and reminiscent of a carefree childhood. The “ride on carousels” rule is not only confined to carousels; it’s representative of doing things that are carefree that make you feel at peace. If cutting a ticket to California for a week alone is what that means to you, then ride that carousel and laugh the night away.

These are not the only rules I choose to live by but they are a thoughtful starting point. The main point to these rules and the unmentioned others: smile, work hard, sleep much and witness your life unfold brilliantly.