Any time there is enthusiasm for a new sport, a tournament is held in the spring to gauge student interest. If there is enough commitment, then the sport becomes a league in the fall.

“There’s definitely some interest here some of the teams are not organized, but both dodgeball and ultimate frisbee will become intramural leagues in the fall,” said Paul Bazzano, intramural and recreational sports assistant director.

by Stephen Kline

Sports management majors are required to have a directed practicum experience, either paid or volunteer.

Over the course of 10 to 15 weeks, the students are expected to provide opportunities for others to gain skill and knowledge in an entry-level sport.

Seven teams signed up for the ultimate frisbee tournament, but only four showed up and were able to compete.

Matt Florence, a health, fitness and recreation resources major who organized the ultimate frisbee tournament under the practicum experience program, reached out to the ultimate frisbee club team for support.

“I played many other sports with very intense rivalries. Ultimate frisbee has a sense of community-building and fun like no other sport I’ve ever played,” said Tim Rusbasan, a senior and captain of the men’s club ultimate frisbee team. “It’s about sportsmanship. You call all your own fouls.”

Registration is open now through April 18 for intramural battleship.

The object of the game is to sink the opposing team’s boats by tossing buckets of water on board while trying to protect your own boat from going under.

The team on the last boat still floating wins the game.

by Stephen Kline

“We played last semester for the intramural staff. They loved it and have been talking trash and waiting for the next round ever since,” Bazzano said.

The games will be held in the Aquatic and Fitness Center’s recreational pool on April 21.

To register, teams need at least four players with at least one female in the boat at all times.

Roster maximum is five.

Register online and view the rules and a promotional video at