Take a moment to picture a chaotic world. It is easy actually; all it takes is for you to imagine living in a society where honesty is non-existent. We hear it over and over again: “You can’t have a good relationship without trust.” Though it is a cliché, it is inevitable to imagine that without honesty, the last bit of sanity that remains within society would vanish. What would you do if you were being lied to constantly? If honesty and truth were erased from the values of society, how would the human race function? To say the least, it wouldn’t.

Honesty is one of the most important policies because without it, humans would be helpless. Asking someone you have never met before for something as simple as directions requires honesty. Taking classes requires honesty from the professors – if the material being taught is a lie, what is the point of going to school? Then of course, there are relationships. Without honesty, it is impossible to build any sort of relationship – or a successful one at least. Without a speck of honesty, the human race would most likely collapse. Being able to trust others reduces stress tremendously. It makes the world go round.

Honesty is at the core of any act. It may seem simple and irrelevant, but without it we are nothing. Dishonesty is a first-class ticket to shame in any circumstance. Be it relationships, businesswise, or in education – if you are dishonest, there should be consequences. The fact of the matter is dishonesty has a wide-range of effects. It could be destructive. For instance, if honesty was not enforced in education, certain people’s “successes” would be reprehensible. Success should be earned, and there is no question that honesty is vital in this case.

There should be no question that honesty is a significant value of society. There is a reason that the importance of honesty is universal. People need to be able to trust one another, in any situation. Almost any action we make requires honesty in some shape or form. Honesty is a moral in almost any religion, and it is enforced in school and business for a simple reason: without it, there is chaos and fraud.