The increasing cost of a  college education has made it more difficult for students to pay their bills, inspiring students to find more innovative ways to come up with the money.

A new company by the name of Grantoo has taken inventive steps to create different avenues for students to earn money for their tuition payments.

With Grantoo, students can sign up to win money by simply playing games similar to the most well known Smartphone applications. Through fun and friendly tournaments, sponsoring companies like Nike and Citibank work with Grantoo to help make over $100,000 available to winning participants. Oct. 15, the first game will begin, which will essentially be a trivia. The game being held in November will be very similar to Draw with Friends, a modernized version of Pictionary.

Even students who are not skilled at online gaming may want to log in. Grantoo’s main goal is to spread the word on student debt, so 25 percent of the money goes to students who are simply being active with the program by talking about it and referring friends. More people involved means more attention from high-money sponsors.

What is really unique about this scholarship, however, is that absolutely anyone can win. Let’s say, for example, a parent wishes to participate and turns out to be the top winner. She may still win that money, as long as she gives it to notable causes. A small portion of the money won goes to a charity of the winner’s choice, while the rest goes straight to the desired student’s education.

According to H. Puentes, a spokesman for Grantoo that travels from state to state in order to get more people talking about the issue, this scholarship is about much more than winning money through games.

“Student debt is more expensive than credit card debt,” Puentes said.

He explains how the sum of student debts has recently reached nearly one trillion dollars. He speaks for the company when he says that it is really something that should be addressed, and that is exactly what they are trying to do with this opportunity.

Students interested in getting involved can visit and see three adorable little penguins and a small box asking for an email.  Grantoo will then use this email to provide students with more information before the games start. Puentes encourages students to tell as many people as possible and help spread the word about this cause.