This past semester, My Natural organiza- tion was formed at George Mason University to embrace and promote organic and natural beauty.

“The purpose of My Natural is for college women to empower each other and use each other as resources in order to maintain healthy hair and be proud of their identity, while also creating a sisterhood,” said Saffie Kamara, who is the vice president of My Natural.

The birth of My Natural actually occurred at Winston-Salem State University during September 2011 by Johnene Benson, who purchased a relaxer that resulted in her hair loss. Because of this aesthetical misfortune, Benson was inspired to foster a group empha- sizing the allure and importance of natural hair and championing women’s raw beauty.

To expand knowledge on maximizing physi- cal attributes, My Natural meets twice a month and invites guest speakers to discuss topics ranging from excellent organic hair products to tips on how to install weave in an alternative fashion.

The organization also hosts meetings and do-it-yourself sessions where members can discuss and share commentaries and opin- ions about other ways to maximize their hair’s potential.

Their first organized meeting was held

Feb. 12. Twenty-six participants arrived and went home with knowledge of the “beading method,” or how to condition and style their hair by utilizing nature’s best products such as: shea moisture, cantu shea butter and castor oil.

“We were really excited about the turn out,” Kamara said. “We’re more excited that students on campus came up to us through- out the week telling us how excited they were about our next events.”

Their next meeting will be on Feb. 26. My Natural will be tackling how the media presents natural hair and how the conse- quences of their portrayal affect women’s self-identity.

Men should not feel left out. My Natural excludes discrimination to the male popula- tion. Kamara explained that men are invited to join My Natural as well, and she mentioned that there have been male students interested in joining the new organization.

Students, however, are required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA to join the organization. and students are also required to fill out an application that includes a $15 fee, due by March 5.