Mason is filled with hatred. Now it is not the typical kind of hatred such as when a person uses a derogatory word toward another with the intent to offend.

The hatred I see has origins in the widely diverse political spectrum of the Mason student body.

One of many issues that creates a spark is a reform of the country’s tax system. One student might believe that America should contribute their fair share to help their country bounce out of the recession. This interpretation can apply to many ideals—the first and foremost being higher taxes on the rich.

A conservative student grapples with this issue and views fair share as a burden on the moneymakers. These moneymakers earned their money and have the right to retain their income.

Now let me ask you: is either side wrong? Based on your perspective you will view one issue as a better solution than the another. So let’s step back on this issue and examine both policies’ outcomes.

A vision with “fair share” would increase taxes on the most economically successful Americans to be used as public investment. This would stabilize government-run programs like defense, education and public parks. This creates a stronger nation for all, with greater investments in the interior with a continuation to improve programs that will finally provide all citizens with an equal chance to succeed.

Now does that policy seem impractical? A more conservative outlook is also as viable.

These high moneymakers work hard for their revenues to provide a great life for themselves and loved ones. With a higher tax rate, they are being punished for accumulating higher revenue.

By keeping the money in their pockets, they’ll place the money earned back into the economy to support continued investment in America. This would bring investment in business, infrastructure and agriculture.

We see one policy as more favorable than the other based on our own ideology, but neither policy is so far-fetched and out of touch that it cannot be utilized as part of the solution to our troubled economy.

So please Mason Nation, do not roll your eyes when you hear someone yell: “Fair share” or “Keep it in our wallet”. Both are right and both are wrong. But both have the same objective—of America having a continued presence in the world economy for the present and future.

I can’t promise you that it will be easy to become more understanding because I’ll be honest, I struggle to not roll my eyes.

But we have to attempt and finally embrace our democracy filled with diverse beliefs on what will be best for the future of this country.

So the next time you are walking in the JC and hear someone fighting for the protection of the current tax system, do not view the speaker as naïve, irrational and out of touch with the American people. View him as our continued embrace of democracy.