Amanda Cheek, News Editor

The children of Democratic candidate for Governor, Sen. R. Creigh Deeds, came to George Mason University Monday, Oct. 26 campaigning for their father.

Amanda and Gus Deeds were handing out flyers on campus and speaking with students.

“Young voters hold a lot of swing,” said Gus Deeds, age 20, on why they are on the road for their father.

Amanda, 24, explained that they were handing out flyers with quotes from The Washington Post covering topics from their father’s campaign.

Amanda said that is was important to hand them out at Mason, because The Washington Post is local and relevant. She emphasized that the flyers were, “supporting Dad’s plan on transportation,” which was an important issue in Northern Virginia.

“[We have] got to get our dad elected,” said Amanda.

Gus said that they have been on the campaign trail with their father and have visited several universities across the state including William & Mary and Virginia Tech to hand out flyers.

“[It’s] getting the conversation started,” said Gus. “Getting it out that there’s a governor’s race going on. People, especially students on college campuses, are busy and might not realize it.”

Gus feels that there is a lot of voter fatigue left over from the presidential race and that the campaign would have to “battle” it to get his father elected.

When asked how they deal with negative campaign ads about their father, Amanda said they are in the car a lot with him, away from the Internet.
She said they don’t have BlackBerrys and try to watch as little television as possible.

“We watch stuff like VH1 and Tool Academy,” said Amanda.

“It seems like Mr. McDonnell has a negative attitude on ads,” said Gus.
Amanda said they spoke with students today that were concerned with the negative ads. She said she doesn’t understand why people are worrying and letting the ads affect their decision.

“Bob McDonnell has spent more money on negative ads than we have on all our ads total,” said Amanda.

Amanda said that she thinks McDonnell, “just can’t be our governor.”
The Deeds Campaign reported to Broadside that they feel it would be safe to say that Deeds is being outspent on the air by close to a 2-1 margin, and the negative spending by the Republicans is nearly equal with the entire Deeds ad budget.

The McDonnell Campaign failed to reply back to comment on this issue before deadline.