Kiala Haynes, Staff Writer

The George Mason University women’s basketball team took the floor on Friday night and were able to get their message to everyone in the Patriot Center – “We are here to win.”

The Patriots were able to defeat Norfolk State in the season’s opener, 66-49, and proved to their fans that they are a sight to watch.

The lead changed six times during the first half, but freshman guard/forward Amber Easter scored two points on the line, making the lead 21-20. From there, Mason did not lose their lead.

There was a slow finish to the first half of the game, and most of the team’s points were made on the line with Easter and junior guard Brittany Eley making both of their shots.

Junior guard Brittany Poindexter and sophomore Rachel Robinson, who scored double-digits in the game, were also able to contribute four points at the end of the first half.

Staring off the second half, the Patriot’s junior guard Ashleigh Braxton, whose scoring total ended up in double-digits as well, made two three-pointers in the first minute of the half.

This aided the Patriots in finding their rhythm as they began their 8-0 run over Norfolk State.

Mason dominated Norfolk State in the second half with 37 points. Having Robinson and freshman Rahneeka Saunders scoring in the paint, they were able to keep the points rolling in for the Patriots.

Saunders and guard Rashauna Hobbs, the only senior on the team, were also able to display the Patriots’ talent and to keep the crowd excited with their outstanding assists.

With four steals from freshman forward Janaa Pickard, the Patriots were able to find a weak spot in Norfolk State’s offense with 11 steals total. Mason scored six points from fast breaks alone.

Brittany Eley made the last jumper of the game with half a minute in the game to seal off the Patriot’s win.

The women walked off the court making their statement that they will be something to watch on the court.