Brenda Shepard, Staff Writer

For those on campus who love Jazzman’s Café in the Johnson Center, brace yourselves for an exciting development in Mason Dining: there are now more Jazzman’s to go around.

Sodexo Food Services has introduced two new locations for the coffee shop on the Fairfax campus. The Art and Design Building (formerly known as the School of Art Building) and Fenwick Library are both featuring new carts that provide students delicious Jazzman’s food and drinks.

“The Sodexo brand is recognized on campus,” said Denise Ammaccapane, resident district manager for Sodexo. “Now, [for Jazzman’s], there’s a mama and papa and a baby where students can get the same quality food.”

Hungry students studying in Fenwick no longer have to leave the building to grab a snack or a coffee boost, and early morning classes in the new Art and Design Building are no longer a problem for students looking for a pick-me-up.

After the first Jazzman’s cart was unsuccessful near the Sandy Creek Parking Deck, employees at both the Art and Design Building and Fenwick Library expressed interest in having it. Instead a new, smaller cart was designed and approved for both buildings.
Many students are excited about the new additions.

“I think it’s an excellent idea,” said senior global affairs major Nasim Mahmoud. “Since it’s cold outside, many people don’t feel like walking outside.”

For those who frequent Fenwick, the new addition is a time saver.
“I like it,” said Sean Fitzgerald, a junior history major. “I wouldn’t make the extra stop for coffee if it wasn’t here.”

Both buildings have had steady business so far this semester. However, according to Ammaccapane, the Art and Design Building has had more business on average.

“Sales in Fenwick have been averaging just under $200 a day since it opened,” said Ammaccapane, “while the Art school averages are just under $500 a day.”

With about 25 food locations on campus, it is now more important than ever for Mason Dining Services to be aware of how it expends its efforts and our money. According to Ammaccapane, there have not been any complaints at Fenwick regarding noise and the hours are being adjusted in both buildings in order to accommodate customers.
“We try and adjust hours based on supply and demand,” said Ammaccapane “We have to be fiscally responsible.”

Each semester, Dining Services, Sodexo and the Food Committee combine to determine which food areas are in high demand and which have shown decline.

Decisions about dining hours and food options fluctuate from semester to semester, and year to year, based on how students’ habits change.

“We’re never comparing apples to apples, semester to semester,” said Ammaccapane. “For example, this year, Chick-fil-A has been extremely busy, so we are looking at those hours for the fall.”