By Alan Moore, Staff Writer

The casual observer can see that the campus is currently embroiled in a labor dispute between Sodexo and its employees. At its heart is a disgraceful and thuggish attempt by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to expand its membership by any means necessary. It is time that these disgruntled employees need to quit their jobs or get back to work, thumbing the eye of this brutish union.

The Administrative Subcommittee on Dining Services recently made a statement on the situation: “These protests have disrupted the peace of George Mason University with noise that has affected the academic setting. In addition, several dining employees and SEIU officials left students feeling uneasy entering Southside when these protesters illegally marched into the building, employing scare tactics and intimidation.”

Last week, Mason spokesman Dan Walsch told the Washington Business Journal, “George Mason University is monitoring the current dispute between Sodexo and members of its workforce. Mason views this as an internal matter for Sodexo. The university hopes the points of disagreement within Sodexo are resolved quickly and in a manner that is beneficial to all concerned. Presently, the dispute has not resulted in any disruption of services to our students and employees. Mason remains committed to ensuring that these services continue.”

Unions are “employing scare tactics and intimidation” and the Mason administration thinks it’s much ado about nothing? University policy # 1407, section II states, “George Mason University is responsible for maintaining a reasonably safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff, students, visitors and surrounding community members.” If illegal entry and student intimidation is considered “a reasonably safe” environment then I’d hate to see what they consider unreasonable.

The fact is that ignoring this issue is a severe dereliction of duty. The SEIU has its hands on a number of public officials, including the president of the United States, so it doesn’t seem unreasonable to think that they have a stranglehold on administrators at Mason.

Someone needs to stand up to this union thuggery if the school administration is too cowardly to act. Furthermore, I applaud the brave Sodexo employees who distributed fliers opposing the attempted SEIU coup.

Also, I was greatly saddened to see that the College Democrats stand behind these vicious tactics in their statement last week. Make no mistake, if anyone gets hurt because of these protests then they will be complicit, and the blood will be on their hands.

The problem I have with unions is that their leaders never seem to be really all that interested in improving working conditions for their members. They seem more consumed with expanding their power, influence and financial base.

I have a message for all the workers who have been brainwashed by the SEIU: If you are not happy with your job then please quit. This is America; you can probably find another job in the service industry within a week.

The employee-employer relationship is symbiotic, meaning employers need employees just as much as employees need employers.

Employees work to make a living and provide for themselves and their families. Employers work to build better lives for their investors while providing needed services to the community. There is nothing wrong with either side — that is simply how our economy works.

If the employee is doing a terrible job, then the employer has the right to fire them. If the employer does not take care of their employees then they have the right to quit. So instead of creating havoc on our campus, please leave immediately. I wish you well and I hope you soon find a job with conditions that you find more satisfactory.

What is unsatisfactory is the SEIU pushing around people on this campus. It’s time for you to go back under whatever rock you crawled out from and leave us alone.