By Tea Hadzic, Broadside Correspondent

Monday seems to be the most dreaded day of the week for students. But not for Britt Wright.

Wright is a weekly DJ and host of his very own radio show on George Mason University’s WGMU. The title of his show is The Wright Hour, an hour-long show airing every Monday from 5 to 6 p.m.

Wright’s show is entirely about you. You tell him what you want to discuss and what you want to hear, and he’ll make it happen for you . . . with a spin of his own style.

“My duty is to entertain students through music and select conversations,” said Wright, a sophomore communication major from Richmond, Va. “Ideally, I wanted people to finishing their Monday evening off just right . . . and what better way than with The Wright Hour.”

Hosting a show during his college career was not in Wright’s plans. He actually took COMM 148, which is the Radio Workshop course, during his freshman year. If a student does extremely well in the course, he or she is asked to host a show in the actual studio. Looks like Wright received an A-plus.

Wright has discussed all sorts of topics ranging from relationships and dating in college to spring flings and summer hook-ups, as well as other hot matters roaming around campus. At times he successfully freestyles his way through a show.

“My favorite thing about the radio show is giving my thoughts and playing music that correlates with them,” said Wright. “My least favorite thing is you don’t know exactly know how many people are listening to it.”

Without really knowing how many listeners he has, Wright promotes his show very strongly via Twitter and Facebook, and, of course, word of mouth. There is also an open door policy at The Wright Hour. Wright lets students and faculty help him co-host the show and talk about topics, giving listeners different views.

“I like when people are here in the studio with me,” said Wright. “It’s more entertaining for me. Sometimes I feel awkward talking to myself.”

A special guest Wright would love to have on his show is President Alan Merten. Wright is anxious to see what listeners would like to discuss with Mason’s number one man.

Wright plans to run the same style show next year, but hopes to get a later spot in the evening. He believes that most students will be settled in their dorms and will be more likely to tune in. Wright also loves Slow Jams, and evenings are perfect for this music genre.

“The best experience has been the actual experience of having the opportunity to learn and potentially get a job through my stint with WGMU Radio,” said Wright. His goal in life is to host NBC Nightly News, but Wright would gladly
accept a path in radio if opportunity comes knocking.

Don’t miss out on DJ So Wright these last few days this semester! Listen to The Wright Hour every Monday at 5 p.m. Call in and speak your mind, make special requests or just shout someone out.

To apply for a show, contact Program Director Alex Romano.