George Mason University’s implementation of a police officer in Potomac Heights betrays a trust in students. Students for Sensible Drug Policy cannot endorse a police officer stationed in any on-campus housing area at Mason.

The argument given by the university for having a police officer stationed in on-campus housing is to provide security to students. The current security measures in Potomac Heights are as follows: Students who live in Potomac Heights have to swipe their cards through three doors, deal with security cameras in every hall, patrolling Resident Advisors and independently contracted security guards.

We believe this sufficiently covers security measures for students. A police presence in Potomac will only increase mistrust in campus police and unfairly target Potomac residents. The prisonification of on-campus housing is unacceptable and SSDP calls for the immediate expulsion of any and all police stationed in any on-campus housing. SSDP encourages housing and university administration to reach out to Potomac Heights residents on their views on this issue.

This is a decision that should be made by residents and university officials together. We encourage other concerned students to contact housing or university administration, and demand this change.