Many areas of Fairfax, including George Mason University, have been sites of mysterious urban legends. If you are trying to get in the Halloween spirit, check out these eerie myths. They just might send chills down your spine!

Fact or Fiction:
Years ago at Carlos O’Kelly’s, a restaurant on Main Street in Fairfax, some of the wait staff reported strange and unusual things happening late at night and early in the morning. Rumor has it that the ghost of a dishwasher who hanged himself haunts the upstairs dining room.

Fact or Fiction:
Upperclassmen might recall a squeamish rumor regarding old Ciao Hall, the main campus dining area in the days before Southside. Students often complained about upset stomachs and gastrointestinal problems after eating there, which caused speculation that the food was rotten, or contained “supplements.”

Fact or Fiction:
Since the mid-20th century, the Bunny Man Bridge in Clifton has been surrounded by ghastly rumors and speculation. Allegedly, police found rabbit carcasses hanging from trees and later received reports of a man dressed in a bunny costume wielding an axe near the bridge. Legend has it if you go to the bridge on Halloween at midnight, the man’s spirit will appear.

Fact or Fiction:
One of the most acclaimed myths on the Mason campus concerns the plaque in front of the George Mason statue.
“If you step on the plaque, you won’t graduate within four years. It could mean less or more time at school,” said Christine Heintz, sophomore global affairs major. “I don’t step on it. I’m not a superstitious person, but I always avoid it.”
Although many students tend to avoid the plaque, some could care less.
“I think [this myth] is bullcrap because I’ve stepped on it so many times and I’m getting ready to graduate,” said Alayna Woodley, a senior conflict analysis and resolution major.
Although it is not an explicitly gruesome myth, for some, extending one’s stay at Mason might be terrifying enough.

Fact or Fiction:
Another campus myth relates to the beloved George Mason statue itself.
“If you rub his left foot, you have good luck. They also say [he] had gangrene on his toe, so that’s why our colors are green and gold,” said Heintz.

1. Fiction. Although there is no ghost, drop by with friends and share some spooky Halloween stories over a late-night meal.
2. Debatable. If a number of different students came forward and complained, there had to be something causing the problems.
3. It all comes down to what you believe. If you are brave enough, go visit the bridge and see for yourself!
4. Fiction. Stepping on a piece of metal will not affect your chances of graduating.
5. Fiction. But if you need some extra luck before an exam, try rubbing his foot anyway. You never know!