A representative from Chevrolet talks to students Tuesday about the Volt, an extended-range electric car that will hit the market by the end of the year. Photo By Gregory Connolly

In order to publicize the newest addition to the Chevrolet fleet, representatives have been traveling throughout the country demonstrating the Chevy Volt, an extended-range electric car. The latest stop? George Mason University.

The Volt has a 25-50 mile range when it is running on electricity. There is also an onboard, gas-powered generator that charges the battery and allows for an additional 300 miles of travel. The car will be available at some dealerships – including the District of Columbia – by the end of the year.

Representatives from Chevrolet were at Mason Tuesday to help students who wanted to test drive one of the several Volts. Douglas Wernert, a Chevrolet Volt communication technician on hand for the drive, said that all the Volts that will be produced in the next year have already been sold.
The Volt is a sedan that includes everything that comes with a standard car such as air conditioning and a radio.

Wernert said the Volt is geared toward consumers who are “more green.”

More information on the Volt is available at:
www.Chevrolet.com/volt, www.facebook.com/chevroletvolt and www.chevroletvoltage.com