The Facebook feeds of George Mason University students were ablaze during the week of Jan. 31 when Dippin’ Dots made a welcome debut in the Johnson Center.
Although the word spread quickly, it still was not fast enough for everyone to get a cup of the futuristic ice cream.

“Our freezer was full and we were afraid that it would all go bad,” said Denise Ammaccapane, resident district manager for Sodexo at Mason. This fear lead to the entire stock selling out.

In just two days all the ice cream was gone, but not for good. After the high success rate, an order was put in to ensure that students would once again be able to get Dippin’ Dots ice cream, Ammaccapane said.

Mason students who were lucky enough to stop by during the two days were elated to see Dippin’ Dots. ­­Others not so lucky were happy when they learned that the ice cream would be making a return.

“There’s not a lot of good dessert options, so I’m looking forward to it coming back,” said Andrew Juloa, a junior music major.

After selling out all 781 cups, it was clear that there was a high demand for the Dippin’ Dots ice cream. As long as the demand is there, the supply will be made available, Ammaccapane said.

In the future the plan is to have a cart out one to two days a week, but as the days get warmer, and if the students keep buying, Dippin’ Dots will likely appear more and more said Ammaccapane.

As with all dining facilities on campus, students will be able to purchase the ice cream using cash, credit, Mason Money and even their student meal plans.
Ammaccapane was thrilled by the student reaction.

“I love listening to the student, and I always encourage them to write e-mails or make calls, I’m always sure to respond,” Ammaccapane said.