Reno 911 stars Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough brought a different style of comedy with impressions and improvisation. Photo by Peter Flint

Students expecting to laugh out loud were not disappointed when Tommy Davidson and “Reno 911!” stars Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough came to town for a comedy show Thursday night at the Hylton Performing Arts Center at the George Mason University Prince William campus.

It was a full house, and first up was Tommy Davidson who asked all latecomers to introduce themselves.

“What’s your name?” Davidson asked one audience member as she tiptoed to her front-row seat. “Oh, it’s Oh My God? Oh my Lord is over there.”

The remainder of his act consisted of call and response from the audience and a series of jokes ranging from farting at the gym to stereotypical jokes about different ethnicities.

“Let’s give it up for President Obama,” Davidson said at one point. After seeing the audience’s response, he admitted, “I do that just to see white people’s responses.”

He then discussed reasons why we need both a black and white woman as president of the United States: a black woman to counteract terrorism and a white woman to be the hero speaking out on everyone’s behalf.

And his final words? “Charlie Sheen.”

Next was Carlos Alazraqui, who played Sgt. Garcia on the tv series “Reno 911!”

Alazraqui is a skilled impressionist and did impressions of Chris Rock, Simon Cowell on the true reason Jesus hid behind a rock for three days and Steve Irwin as the Crocodile Hunter.

That was all before Cedric Yarbrough, Deputy S. Jones on “Reno 911!,” interrupted Alazraqui’s act by coming on stage to “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

This dancing scene was complete with peeling off his yellow jogging pants to reveal black jeans and throwing cough drops to audience members.

Yarbrough and Alazraqui did an impression-off and the winner, determined by the audience, was Yarbrough.

Then, two audience members were pulled on stage to participate in an improvisation activity.
Senior marketing and management major Mike Hoggard recalled his thoughts as he walked on stage:

“What are they going to do? I hope my gear is fresh.” He blamed audience members Natasha Henry and Nuna Kollison, for suggesting him as a volunteer to Yarbrough and Alazraqui.

The improv scene consisted of imaginary condoms covering the floor, feigned prostitution and even a high-speed chase, much to the audience’s delight.

“Tommy Davidson was the best,” senior tourism and events management major Rachel Medwedeff said. “I’ve never laughed that hard before. I thought his racist jokes were really funny and he covered them all.”

“I liked that they were celebrities and here at Prince William,” said junior tourism and events management major Kelly Morrissey. “And I really liked the impersonations.”

After the show, a long line of eager fans awaited Yarbrough and Alazraqui for autographs and photo opportunities.

Much to many audience members’ dismay, Davidson had already left for another engagement.