Tom Higgenson and Dave Tirio of the Plain White T’s chill before their performance by Peter Flint

The Plain White T’s performed at Mason Day on Friday. They played some of their hit songs such as “Rhythm of Love,” “Boomerang,” “Our Time Now” and, of course, their Grammy-nominated hit, “Hey There Delilah.”
The band started in a garage in Chicago but soon moved on to the local club scene.
The band was greatly impacted by rock music, crediting the Beatles as one of their biggest influences. Some other artists they admire include Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, U2, Coldplay, Panic! At the Disco, The Strokes and Jimmy Meet World.
When asked about staying grounded with such success, Tom Higgenson, lead singer and guitarist, and Dave Tirio, guitarist and backup vocalist, believe the key is hard work and keeping close friends and family ties.
Higgenson said, “we’ve had to work really hard for what we’ve gotten and I think that just makes us appreciate it more and more to not take people for granted.”
Tirio agreed saying, “when things come fast for people it just makes them spin out of control.”
The Plain White T’s got their big break in 2007 with their song “Hey There Delilah.” The inspiration for the song came when Higgenson met and developed a crush on Delilah DiCrescenzo, a nationally ranked runner.
Although the two never developed a relationship (Delilah already had a boyfriend), he promised he would write her a song, thus creating the hit.
The song was later nominated for a Grammy in 2008, bringing the Plain White T’s into the spotlight.
Although still with her boyfriend, Delilah attended the Grammy’s as Higgenson’s date for the night.
Higgenson and Tirio were extremely friendly and modest about their success. When asked about attending the Grammy’s they were excited and enthusiastic about the experience.
“I’ve watched that my whole life growing up and always wanted to be there, so to get to go and be nominated was amazing. I got to meet Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono, which was pretty incredible,” said Higgenson.
Tirio added, “it was weird too because the red carpet and the tent that it happens under; you don’t realize how big it is. It took three hours to get down the red carpet… With like 50-60 interviews, it’s crazy! It’s a crazy day!”
When it comes to songwriting, many of the guys put in an effort, however Higgenson is known for being one of the main songwriters in the band. He claims to be “a romantic at heart” and says that he is as sweet in relationships as he is in his music.
“If a girl is awesome, then the sky’s the limit,” says Higgenson.